Another Twist to this Story…

marchpl.jpgIn my latest prayer letter(March Update), I wrote a story about Ward and what God was doing in the Sigma Nu Fraternity house. The story gets a little crazier today as we learned that last night (3/25) a Sigma Nu brother was killed. The details are still a little hazy, but the best I can gather is that drugs were involved, along with some bad decisions.

The young man, who lived in the fraternity house, was just a sophomore. The house is devastated by the poor decisions of three fraternity brothers, and the one who lost his life. Our weekly Sigma Nu bible study is schedule to meet at 7 tonight (Wednesday). We will be doing a time of prayer and a short devotional casting some hope of an eternity with Christ. Please pray for this time!

Sex and the City: Uncovered

book_bg1.jpgOver the past few months we have been using “Sex and the City: Uncovered” by Marian Jordan in our sorority Bible studies. We have seen at least 5 girls accept Christ through this book that uses the Gospel to answer the questions of “Why can’t I have sex w/out desiring commitment?” “Why do I overeat and over-drink to feel full?” “Why do I go into debt to buy designer items?” and “Why don’t I feel comfortable around other women?”

On Wednesday, April 16th Marian Jordan, my new friend, will come to USC to do a huge outreach in Greek Village. The girls are so excited to have her come and speak. Please pray for us as we start publicity this week…we have 5,000 postcards to distribute…pray for this outreach!!

Join us on our wild adventure of following Him & loving them!