Pancakes & Pajamas Party

Pretend with me for just a moment that it’s September rather than February and that I DIDN’T just spend 5 months looking for the disk of pics that a sweet friend took of EG’s Pancakes & Pajamas 5th Birthday Party! Well, I just unearthed the disk and jumped for joy that the images had not been lost. (Is anyone else’s worst fear in life losing photos? I’ve run through the house burning scenario a few times in my mind and have perfected the art of throwing all my photo albums out the window right after I rescue the children.)

Enjoy with me EG’s 5th birthday via pics…even though she is now a few days shy of 5.5.

Pancakes & Pajamas Party

Have we discussed the amazingness that is Etsy printable invites?


Or precious little necklace-making hands. 

Pancakes & Pajamas PartyOr yummy food ideas copied and pasted directly from Pinterest. (And basically this whole party copied, I mean, inspired, by my adoption twin, Jen.) #winning #soeasy #soaffordable
Pancakes & Pajamas PartySimple favors.
Pancakes & Pajamas Party
Happy, happy, happy helpers.

Pancakes & Pajamas Party

Plenty of sprinkles. Pancakes & Pajamas PartyAnd really, all they wanted to do was go play dolls. Heart eyes.Pancakes & Pajamas PartyBut eat we must. :)
Pancakes & Pajamas PartyAnd pancake relay we must. 
Pancakes & Pajamas PartyAnd play we must.
Pancakes & Pajamas PartyBecause YOU’RE 5, BABY GIRL!
Pancakes & Pajamas Party Pancakes & Pajamas PartyPancakes & Pajamas Party Pancakes & Pajamas PartyPancakes & Pajamas Party Pancakes & Pajamas PartyOh, and then nap we MUST. 
Pancakes & Pajamas PartyBecause you’re 5, Baby Girl. My, oh my, you’re 5!!


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3 thoughts on “Pancakes & Pajamas Party”

  1. Adorable. It makes me miss those sweet little girl days. When my second daughter was 6 we did something similar–a breakfast and pj party and it was so fun. Such sweet memories.

  2. Makes me sad and want to milk them for all they are worth!!! The days are long but the years are short!!

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