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Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Y’ALL. Brace yourselves because I am on somewhat of a crusade to persuade all my fellow meal-planning, budget-conscious, friends about this life-changing system.

I had heard several friends rave about, but the first time I listened was when Kat Lee, (my friend Kristi and I refer to her as our Mr. Miyagi for all things online), an automating guru mentioned that doesn’t love to cook, but she does want healthy, affordable, quick and easy meals served up daily and she doesn’t want to have to THINK about it.

I DO love to cook but hate that it takes me approximately 2 hours to pour over Pinterest, compile a nice menu in my planner only to buy all the ingredients and forget where their recipes are found, and then just make up different meals as I go along, forgetting what ones were winners and always resorting to burning through my freezer meals or wasting energy reinventing the wheel…SO, I signed up for Plan To Eat’s 30 Day Free Trial membership and was so amazed that I bought a year subscription on Black Friday when it was 50% off. Then I watched her videos tutorials and. FREAKED. out.plantoeat

Guys, it’s an online recipe book, with a meal planner and an automated shopping list. You can install a bookmarklet so that any time you come across one of your favorite meals or a recipe you want to try on Pinterest or wherever, you just click it and it imports into your online recipe book. FROM WHICH you simply sit down once a week or once a month or whenever, to drag and drop your favorite recipes onto your monthly calendar. It then creates a printable or emailable shopping list for you, you add or subtract other items you need to purchase and go to the store…

No time to make dinner? Click to the Freezer option and see what’s on hand.

Don’t have time to meal plan? Just copy and past an entire week from another time when you did plan!

It took me about an hour and 45 minutes to set up all my recipes (that’s how long it would take me almost every week to meal plan!) and now it takes about 15 to drag, drop, print and go. Can’t say enough good things about the company or the sweet family that runs it. Okay. Shew. Had to get that out.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I have no idea if you’re looking to automate and simplify your meal-planning, but I am saying this is the best system I’ve seen and I wanted to share it with you. You also can get referral credit when people sign up for the program, but you know me and you know I only share what is working for me and that I love. The referrals is a small side benefit, but the mental health and emotional relief brought to me by this system is priceless. :)

How do you meal plan? What seems to work for you?

7 thoughts on “Plan To Eat”

  1. I also use an online meal planner; the one I use includes nutritional information and a price estimate for budgeting/healthy eating purposes… both of which belong to my new year’s resolutions :) just in case anyone else is looking for a free option:

  2. Bad NEWS!! My friend who told me about this feature clarified that they are WORKING on adding that tool…so it’s hopefully coming :( I am so sorry to mislead! I was going off her advice and should’ve double-checked myself!!! Lesson learned. I DOOOO love P2E though. Off to meal plan right now actually :) So happy it will take 15 min. vs. 90!

  3. Well, I sure did. And funny story, I’ve always listened to your podcasts in 1.5 speed…then my husband and I listened to the marriage and money episode and I was all “oh my word, in my mind she does not talk at this speed, nor does the outro song go thissss slooowww!” You’ll forever be my high-speed Mrs. Miyagi. xoxo

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