Praying for Revival and Renovation!

No lie, Impact has seen 8 students (7 African American men and one woman!) trust Christ this week…and classes don’t start until tomorrow! What in the world?!? We are seeing amazing things happen and we are praying for even “greater things to still be done in this city.”


Here is a glimpse of the most precious praise and prayer time. Yesterday and today we hosted a leaders retreat for all of our mainstream and Midlands Tech student leaders.

I have sat in MANY leadership meetings and this was by far the most Spirit-filled, Spirit-led one I’ve experienced. It was beautiful to see students repenting, adoring, asking and singing. They are so burdened for their campus and after hours of praying and planning…we’re excited to see what happens! Pray for revival and renovation of lives.

Speaking of renovation…I am hosting a baby shower in T-2 days and my living room looks something like this:


YIKES!! Joel promises me it will all be in one *completed* piece by Saturday when all the ladies show up…I am wondering what it will look like tomorrow morning when our entire staff team arrives for our prayer meeting…YIKES!!! So pray for this renovation also :)

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  1. So excited to hear about what the Lord is doing on your campus! We just had our first staff meeting today. Good luck with the living room…I am sure it will be beautiful on Saturday!

  2. Look at all that progress!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out…even if it looks like this Saturday…I love it! :)

    I also love what God is doing through y’all and CC on Campus!

  3. Hey you two…I heard about the Impact 8 students that came to know the Lord this week via an email this morning. Incredibly exciting and amazing to hear this. I’d love to hear more about changed lives stories with Impact at USC.I serve with Impact at our headquarters in Orlando, and capturing changed life stories is one of the cool things I have the chance to do. Do keep me in the loop ya’ll! Blessings to you. ~ Mel

  4. Mel shared with us the link of what the Lord is doing at USC. Praise God! I came down with Infinit Impact last fall to do an outreach concert. It was great working with Charles, Jason and the rest. Thanks for helping the chapter there reach the lost!

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