Precious Friends Are Good For the Soul

My dear, dear friend, Marion and I got to hang out a few weeks before Christmas. She is such a champ. She had just kicked her 3rd round of chemo in the butt.

I am telling you, the Lord has emboldened this woman to fight.

She is fighting, not without struggle, but with the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.

I got to spend 3 days with Marian, Jason and their 3 wonderful sons. I was thoroughly amazed by this family…once again!

Every time I’m around the Dewars I learn so much. I love seeing how they love the Lord and lead their family!

With lots of fun, laughter and sass of course.

I had such a fun time with Marion and her fam. I could barely keep up with her!! By 8:30 in the morning, we’d have run 2 miles, had 2 bowls of cereal, 3 devotionals, 2 rounds of discipline, and then the boys would have fun running laps around the backyard to get their energy out before school.

One night, Jason took us on a Pajama Christmas Light Tour, which was sooo amazing. This homeowner has his own AM radio station that his lights are linked and synched to. It’s pretty much the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

I got to keep these little ones overnight. We had so fun making popcorn and watching Tom & Jerry…and wrestling. The boys were a blast.

Throw in some Christmas shopping, a Cook Out milkshake, a pair of sparkly black Toms and lots of back rubs and heart-to-hearts, Marion and I had such great quality time. I thought I would be pooped after traveling to Raleigh and back, but I was so encouraged and refreshed. Being with my friend and seeing the Lord at work in and through her and her fam was amazing.

Please pray for the Dewar family as Marian has a big surgery coming up, January 23rd!



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  1. Everytime I try to see your pictures in my reader they are SO huge! they look fine on your actual blog… so I have no idea why they would be so distorted in a reader! anyways…just though I would let you know!

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