Precious Pledges

Tonight, Joel and I along with Dave and Sarah got to share the Gospel in 5 different frats/sorats.(Tragedy–my camera died last week…all photos courtesy of FB)

At 7:30 I spoke to all the new members of Zeta Tau Alpha about “Authentic Sisterhood”. I shared a portion of my testimony and briefly shared the Gospel, then handed out comment cards and ended up with 56 new girls to contact individually!


At 8 Sarah and David led a co-ed Bible study with  Tri-Delt and Sigma Nu pledges. They had a terrific turnout! (What’s neat is that again, the two houses which faced tragedy the first year we were here, have again gotten to hear the Gospel in an engaging way!)

At 8:30 Joel and I led the Chi Omega and Sigma Chi pledge study. The topic was “Grey Areas” which helped students see that none of us live up to God’s standard of perfection. It really paints a beautiful picture of why we need Christ! The study also helps students use Biblical principles to make decisions. (Principles like: Is it helpful? Habit-forming? Honoring to God? Could I make another person stumble?)

We didn’t get any photos tonight due to our lack of a camera :( and Joel always feels weird taking pictures of guys anyways…so here’s what a USC frat pledge looks like 24/7…


It’s kinda cute, but mostly funny. I feel sorry for them…tonight most of them came to Bible study just to get out of having to do manual labor at the fraternity tailgate spot! Whatever God wants to use!! :) Poor little pledges.

We will do these co-ed studies for 4 weeks. Please pray for them and for the follow-up of all our new member talks in all the houses!

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  1. No, kidding, that’s an awesome bow tie! Going public with my absolute favorite way for a guy to dress. He even knows how to tie it correctly!

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