We are happy to have back-up on all this work! We are trying to wrap it up!

Joel’s dad and brother have been here for two days and his mom and sisters arrived today. My mom and sister come in tomorrow. Surely with all these helping hands we can get this house finished…things take longer than they do on a 30 minute HGTV show.

Currently we have french doors that open up to a 3-foot drop. (Totally against code…whoops!) Here’s a sneak peek of our upcoming weekend…

deck 004

deck 006

deck 026

See you Monday, hopefully with some great “after” shots! xoxo

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  1. hey yall!! i’ve been getting updates from Anita as she has driven to Lowes!!! ha ha!! things look amazing – very impressed with the island transformation!!! i know yall are exhausted – but will love the outcome – can’t wait to see the deck!!! Have fun and TRY to stay cool!!

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