When I committed to this 31 Day Writing Challenge, I neglected to consider the weekends! And this momma is out of words by Friday…so, since I am recovering legalist, I’m gonna go ahead and break the rules. It’s good for me. I’m trying to embrace the practice of screen-free Sabbaths, so as to look into little chocolate-colored eyes vs. hand-held devices.

And lest you think we will have a completely Hallmark weekend, here’s a glimpse at our “Simplifying Sale” that we are hosting tomorrow… we are trying to lighten our load and live more minimally. (Is that even remotely correct grammar? I am exhausted from sorting sheehaw for the past 9 hours…and am slightly very¬†embarrassed that we moved all this mess half-way across the country.)

Anywho, If you’re in the area and want to shop or sell, come see us bright and early!

photo (9)

photo (7)I’ll be back Monday to share more of the our memoirs of “Following Him & Loving Them.” Can’t wait!



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