Sex and the City: Uncovered

book_bg1.jpgOver the past few months we have been using “Sex and the City: Uncovered” by Marian Jordan in our sorority Bible studies. We have seen at least 5 girls accept Christ through this book that uses the Gospel to answer the questions of “Why can’t I have sex w/out desiring commitment?” “Why do I overeat and over-drink to feel full?” “Why do I go into debt to buy designer items?” and “Why don’t I feel comfortable around other women?”

On Wednesday, April 16th Marian Jordan, my new friend, will come to USC to do a huge outreach in Greek Village. The girls are so excited to have her come and speak. Please pray for us as we start publicity this week…we have 5,000 postcards to distribute…pray for this outreach!!

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  1. Kitty and Joel, Thanks so much for your willingness to sacrifice various things that other young couples pursue in exchange for eternal rewards that come as you lead young adults to Christ and disciple them. It is always encouraging to hear of God’s hand of favor on the investment of your time in reaching out to students. May you know His power and presence as you continue this important work.
    We will back you up with our prayers.
    I will offer one for this April event. Lord, we pray that this outreach will be well attended. We pray that the gospel will be grasped by all who attend. We pray that it will penetrate and pursuade many to give their lives over to You. Give Kitty and Joel the extra helpers needed to maximize the opportunities of this unique outreach. We pray in Your name Jesus, expecting Your presence and power to hover over the entire event and the follow up appointments. And Amen –

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