Six More Weeks of Winter…With Two Rays of Sunshine!

We feel kind of like we went to the hospital but were told it was just Braxton-Hicks and to go back home!

We don’t have much news to share…in fact, we have no news because two of the needed witnesses (investigator and physician) didn’t appear in court today. Thus, the case was postponed for 6 more weeks. BUT the kids will come live with us tomorrow as “pre-adopted foster children” and we are excited to move forward as a family by faith!! 

It was an emotional day for us, but we are choosing to rest in the fact that God is working all things together for good. And as my new best friend…the incubator mom to my littles…who deserves and will be getting an entire post in coming days…pointed out, the Lord obviously wanted us to get a different judge. He obviously wanted us to have a more air-tight case. He obviously wanted us to be with the children 6 weeks longer before we have”forever family” type-conversations, etc.

We asked that God’s will be done and this is His good, pleasing and perfect will!! God is good, pleasing and perfect, even when He doesn’t feel good, pleasing and perfect! Aren’t you glad? 

So, needless to say, we are ready to get these nuggets in our care so we can love them as hard as we can. (By “ready”, I mean we are excited–as I type Joel is hammering and drilling their room together…) Pretty sure we will not sleep a wink tonight, but we are excited to hit the road bright and early tomorrow morning to pick up our two pigtails and a cowlick!!

Please keep praying! Here are some specifics:
1. For God’s will to be done in the court system and for the bio mom to become a believer through all this.
2. For us to be able to love these children and supernaturally bond in such a way that they experience Jesus and feel safe with us vs. traumatized in yet another home.
3. That we would be good stewards of these first days of caring for them while being faithful in campus ministry.

Thank you for walking this road with us. We are grateful for your partnership in the Gospel and in growing our family!

16 thoughts on “Six More Weeks of Winter…With Two Rays of Sunshine!”

  1. Kitty (and Joel),

    This is completely blessing my socks off–SO EXCITED for you and your new precious children! I knew you would be a great mom from when I first met you, and I am so thrilled to see how our amazing God has brought you to this place! Praying for you into and through tomorrow, that God would be His show-off self and not leave you four (!) alone for a minute, that you would know and be confident that this is of Him and in His timing.

    Love you!!

  2. We have not ceased to pray and will continue. So stinkin” happy for you!!!! WOO HOO! To God be the Glory!!!! Love you all!

  3. Kitty,

    This is a beautiful post and a sweet picture. I’m praying for your family. May these precious little ones be enveloped in love and healing as you wrap your heart and arms around them.

  4. Ahhhhhh canNOT wait to meet them and see you with them/ love u love Joel love the little ones already…mg can’t wait to play with them

  5. So thankful to the Lord for this news!! These precious children are going to experience a gift of a forever family – and you two will also never be the same! The Smith’s rejoice with you and continue to pray for God’s perfect timing in every detail!! LOVE YALL!!

  6. Thanks for the update. Yesterday evening we were wondering why we had not heard anything. Now we know…..Yes God’s timing is perfect so there was a reason things happened yesterday. Wish we were there to help get the rooms ready!!! Your picture looks so content and natural. You will be a wonderful momma and I know Joel will do fine as a daddy.
    Love you all!!

  7. Kitty… I read you and listen to your voice on my head… this is so amazing and I totally agree with that lady…
    Things happen for a reason and only He knows why…

    love you and miss you!
    Can’t wait to read more about this.

    I’m sure He will make everyhting perfect for you 4!

    Miss you from Argentina…

  8. Praying for these 6 weeks! Love you guys and are excited to see how the Lord is using you.

  9. Joel & Kitty,
    Psalm 18:30 helped me so much in the past. His way is Perfect!
    We love you all.

  10. Kitty! So thrilled for y’all to get to love on these kiddos whatever the outcome. I will continue to pray for you each Friday afternoon at 3:30. (not sure I told you I was doing that) I’ll pray for peace in your heart as you wait.

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