Smart or Wise?


If you were to sit in on an appointment with me, you would hear me tell just about every guy that I meet with one thing…

“A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Kitty and I attended our Campus Crusade Regional Staff Conference.  During this time we have the opportunity to hear from both Regional and National Staff.  The weekend was themed around what a leader who had fallen into sin would tell us about their mistakes and how we as Christian leaders could avoid their fate of living a double life.

There was obviously a lot of application from these talks, but overall there were 3 things that fallen leaders had failed to do, that every Christian must do…

  1. Dependence on God
  2. Grieve their Sin
  3. Extend Grace to Others

These three things weighed especially heavy on my heart, because in each area I saw myself failing to do them!  I think the crux of the situation starts with my pride- at the heart, I fail to see my need for Christ in ministry and life.  So it all starts with my failure to depend on God, but from that the other two often follow.

A good question for all of us to ask is “where am I the weakest?”

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