Still Feeling Rough.

Well, since my last blog post I have gone from bad to worse and now back to mostly bad.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, only to have my strep throat suspicions confirmed. BOO. Double-boo. But, I am so grateful for modern meds!! The doctor told me I’d be highly-contagious for at least another 24-hrs and so I was sad to miss another day of work, our community group and seeing some friends while they were in town. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I am hoping to get to attend a wonderful event at our church tomorrow night, (I’m praying that 20 more hours of rest will do wonders for this girl!) and if you’re in the Columbia area, I’d love to invite you…

Hosted by the women of Columbia Crossroads Church For the women of Columbia!

Join us for a night filled with worship and teaching of who our Great God is and why He alone is Most Worthy of our praise!

Speaker: Stacy Hill
Worship led by Carrie Ballentine

Tomorrow night from 7-10 at the St. Andrews Campus of Columbia Crossroads.

Hope my not-sick-anymore-self will see you there.

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