Summer Mom


Summer Mom says yes and lives lightly. 

Summer Mom catches lightning bugs and let’s bedtimes slide. Summer Mom stays in her pjs till lunch (at least) and silences the inner drill sargent for the sake of popcorn and movie nights. Summer Mom jumps off the diving board with the kids, and sees a summer storm as a chance to take her daughter by the hand and dance in the rain (to which said daughter gets wide-eyed and giggles in a this-is-so-wrong-it’s-right way). Summer Mom relaxes her natural cringe when asked to “go swimming in the neighbor’s ditch.” Summer Mom camps. In a tent. Summer Mom also eats a lot of marshmallows. But, I digress. 

Summer Mom wears a lot of homeopathic Icy Hot because she’s consistently sore from playing pick-up basketball in the driveway. Summer Mom plans spontaneous fun. Is that even a real thing? It is for her. Because, well, she’s still a Mom. 383Summer Mom doesn’t recycle (neither does Fall, Winter or Spring Mom) but helps fashion cardboard boxes into playhouses. Summer Mom’s house is a freaking train wreck, but she opens the front door regardless of how many days worth of scrambled eggs are on the floor. Summer Mom teaches and disicplines from the heart instead of the hurry.150

Summer Mom! She’s NOT tooting her own horn, it’s just that she’s finally started to see through the grief and chaos into the bliss of motherhood. She’s tasted the juicy ripe produce, smelled the sweat and sunscreen, memorized the faces of those smiling babies, tuned into the sounds of late afternoon thunderstorms and relished the feeling of those relaxed snuggles.057

11 more summers with D at home and 14 with EG. I want Summer Mom to remind this every-other-season Mom that (as much as you hate on Pinterest theology,) there is some truth to the fact that “tans will fade but the memories will last forever” and “it’s not what you do or say, it’s how you make them feel” and “the work will always be there, but the babes won’t be!”070

So, just because we are back to packing lunches, searching through the clothes hamper laying out uniforms, and signing permission slips, let’s live lightly and keep that “yes” on hand because Summer Mom sure does feel like she on to something; and it is exhilarating.



Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Mom would also like to say that she is merely sharing a lesson learned in the season in which God has ordained for her. She is tenderly aware of those longing to wear the title “Mom” (and has about 16 infertility/shattered dreams/hope deferred posts on deck in the draft file…) and would never want to make anyone feel an ounce of pain. Rather to feel understood and encouraged that no matter what, we all are on a journey to thrive in the place where God has planted us. (Ecclesiastes 3) He sees. He knows. And I would love to talk further and walk with you in the thick of whatever season you find yourself.


What about you? What ways does Summer bless and change the rest of you/your year?

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  1. Summer offers me: the midlife thrill of pretending my lawn tractor is an ATV when I mow; the wonder of released endorphins after work in the garden; a relaxed meal on the deck; weight loss from sweating so much; watermelon quenching my thirst and love for fructose; looking healthy with a little tan.
    Thanks for the post. I love Dakotas hair as he soars on the boat=pulled inner tube.

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