Sunday Night Smoothie Prep

Green smoothies.

They are all the rave, aren’t they? I totally get that they are full of vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients my body needs. I know that they give me the extra energy I need to chase kiddos all day. I’m convinced they make me feel nourished and set the tone for more mindful health choices all day…yet, 99% of the time I am too lazy to get my blender out and care for myself…UNTIL, I had a lightbulb moment. 013Every Sunday night I do sit down for 15 minutes to Meal Plan, and I absolutely LOVE freezer cooking, so why not begin a habit of nourishing self care also known as Sunday Night Smoothie Prep?

Why lug out all the spinach, kale, berries, chia seeds, flax seed, etc. etc. multiple times per week when you can get it out once on Sunday evening, ration it all into individual bags, zip them, freeze them and throw them in the freezer? Then, as you’re scrambling to get the kids to school and the last thing you’re thinking about is how to mother yourself, just pull a smoothie bag out, add some water, orange juice, and maybe even 1/2 an avocado and enjoy! It’s like putting 20 minutes of your life on cruise control! 016Between this and Plan To Eat’s meal planning service, the administrative part of my need to feed is SET! Here’s a 30-Day Free Trial of Plan To Eat if you’re interested in trying it out. (Also, it wouldn’t have worked for me if I hadn’t watched these videos. Hope they help!) xoxo


6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Smoothie Prep”

  1. This is brilliant! Now it seems like I have no excuse at all to not do something healthy for me…any chance you want to share your smoothie recipes?

  2. Share your smoothie recipes! I’ve been secretly protesting them, but David drinks one every morning. I *may* be willing to try these if I had them ready ahead of time!

  3. Haha that’s it! I literally throw al that mess in the blender, add an avocado, OJ and water and bottoms up. I think it’s very revitalizing!!

  4. Haha that’s it! No more excuses for me too…except that I’m cold all the time and don’t want a frozen smoothie!!! :)

    As for recipe…I literally throw all that mess I listed in the blender, add an avocado, OJ and water and bottoms up. I think it’s very revitalizing!!

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