Table Talk: Being Intentional Without Being Awkward

Last year around this time, God used re-launching our blog to revive my heart for Him and my passion for writing about our life in ministry.

It was the Nester’s 31-Day Writing Challenge that reminded me of His love and His sovereignty over all the details of my life. He lifted the fog from my soul and showed me His faithfulness throughout all generations.

It’s a little weird how excited I’ve been (as in, couldn’t sleep the night He gave me my theme!) about what God might do this year as I take a little time each day to show up and write. God used my experience last year to show me that blogging can be something meaningful to me and for others! And while to some it’s an oddity called blogging; to me it’s worship. 

I hope you will join me for 31 Days of …


How many times have we hustled through a meal, shooing children to the next activity on the family calendar or been satisfied with the socially acceptable “fine” as an answer to the proverbial “how are you” question? How many people do we see on a daily basis whose stories we don’t yet know?

Whether you are sitting down to a warm home-cooked meal, working on a group project for class or sipping coffee across from a co-worker, there are countless “tables” we gather around each day. And be it intentional or not, it’s much simpler (and safer) to hold people at arm’s length by keeping the conversation casual and cool. But… lukewarm ain’t never cooked a thing and I don’t want a life that is simple, safe or shallow! 

So, how can we deepen these times together and connect intentionally, without being awkward?

How can we hear what’s going on in the souls of those we love or the lives of those we work around each and every day?

By asking deeper questions!

Questions that uncover fears, hopes, losses and dreams. The kinds of questions that allow space for conversations and that ultimately point to their Creator.

Each day I will suggest a conversation starter that our family will be using for discussion at our various “tables.” Some days the questions will be serious, other days they will be light-hearted. (Joel has money on the fact that I cannot go 31 days without being awkward,) I’ll also include some of my favorite recipes, memories and tips for making table time enjoyable. And guys, some of my favorite conversationalists will also be chiming in. Eek!

My hope is that you too will join along in the fun of taking your every day conversations with the check-out lady at Walmart, that quiet co-worker or your high school best friend, deeper than the weather or college football.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic as well as your experiences this month. Leave a thought, question or suggestion below!


Also, if you’d like to receive these daily posts via email, sign up in the RSS feed or just bookmark this page. I’ll be compiling a list of links to each day’s article here. I’m pumped about the great things lined up for you, so you’ll want to come back daily!

Day 1: Table Talk: Being Intentional Without Being Awkward (see above)
Day 2: Table Talk: Pushing Past Awkward
Day 3: Table Talk: A Favorite Table
Day 4: Table Talk: Tummy Talk (Southern Supper)
Day 5: Table Talk: Thinking of You & A Writing Prompt
Day 6: Table Talk: Dinner Party
Day 7: Table Talk: The Techie Table
Day 8: Table Talk: 12 Barriers to Listening
Day 9: Table Talk: 10 Building Blocks to Listening
Day 10: Table Talk: The #1 Way to Avoid Offensive Small Talk
Day 11: Table Talk: Loving Your Neighbor
Day 12: Table Talk: 100 Conversation Starters
Day 13: Table Talk: Crowd Pleasers
Day 14: Table Talk: Gratitude 
Day 15: Table Talk: Share Your H.E.A.R.T.S
Day 16: Table Talk: People of Walmart
Day 17: Table Talk: Hospitality in the Home & On the Road
Day 18: Table Talk: Round-Up
Day 19: Table Talk: The Professional
Day 20: Table Talk: Tummy Talk (Asian Supper)
Day 21: Table Talk: The Conversation Jar
Day 22: Table Talk: Don’t Hesitate to Conversate
Day 23: Table Talk: The Encouragement Chair
Day 24: Table Talk: Navigating the Holidays Like a Ninja
Day 25: Table Talk: Speaking Up & Holding Back
Day 26: Table Talk: Sabbath Rest
Day 27: Table Talk: Corporate America
Day 28: Table Talk: State of the Union
Day 29: Table Talk: A Pep Talk With My Infertile Self 
Day 30: Table Talk: With Adoptive Parents 
Day 31: Table Talk: Grand Finale



7 thoughts on “Table Talk: Being Intentional Without Being Awkward”

  1. Hey Kitty! So I actually just found your site last night – and the thing that drew me to it was your lovely button in the practice linky! So, good work on the button! :D
    But, just wanted to say that I’m honestly looking forward to following along with your series!

  2. God never ceases to amaze me how He brings MS people together! I just smiled when I saw where you’re located. I love your topic and it has been my mantra at home for a while now. Can’t wait to see the rest of your 31 days.

  3. I’m your neighbor over at 31 Days and I just wanted to stop in and say hello!

    Love your topic… especially encouraging people to ask deeper questions! I tend to ask too many deep questions. Working with teens frequently, I have honed the question-asking and sometimes I forget that too many questions is just too much.

    I also tend to make things awkward.

    Looking forward to your series!

  4. Majorly impressed and inspired by this! I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all your posts, but you bet it’s on my to do list. And it will certainly trump the other not-as-exciting things on there. :)

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