Table Talk: Corporate America

It’s been said that women speak an average of 20,000 words daily compared to only 7,000 words for men. This means that on average, women talk nearly three times as much as men. So, while this 31 Days of Table Talk series may apply to the gender that jabbers, I wanted to platform a business man who is being intentional in corporate America, without being awkward.

Ross is a mortgage banker in Columbia, South Carolina where he and his wife, Courtney, cheer on the Gamecocks. He also serves locally and globally through the Rotary Club. When he’s not working or spending quality time with his family, you can find him in a deer stand or with a fishing pole in hand. My favorite part of his bio was this last line…and now for the first time I really really love reading and studying the Bible.” 

I think his love for the Scriptures is in part thanks to his friendship with his Bible study leader, Cubby, who originally connected us. Ross has since shared several accounts of taking risks in conversation and seeing how God might show up. Here’s just one of his many stories.


“Lately I’ve been challenging myself to mention something eternal during my daily transactions with people in my workplace and it has been awesome!

I just got off the phone with a paralegal in Myrtle Beach.  The conversation started out very standard (How’s your day? How is business? What can I help you with?…etc.) Then she mentioned that they were so busy that she didn’t know if she was coming or going and that she went to bed at night worrying that she may have forgotten something.

I took this as an opportunity to say that she could go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to help her.  I let her know that I struggle with trying to do everything myself and that we can always ask the Lord for help.  He knows how much we can or can’t do in a given day and he created our capacity…it’s our job to accept his love, grace and help.  At that moment our conversation went from a transaction to interaction.

She told me that she was a Type A personality and that she struggled with trying to “get it all done” knowing deep down that you are never done. She went on to tell me that her 71-year-old father(a Vietnam Vet) was struggling and that she was going through a really bad divorce.

You really never know what someone else may be going through in life. I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. She asked me to pray that when she starts feeling overwhelmed that she would immediately go to the Lord in prayer and just accept His help.

It’s funny how this 5 min conversation with someone I’ve never met was so powerful. She thanked me and told me how much she looked forward to working together on this deaI. I could hear a difference in her voice.

What started as a regular conversation turned into a blessing for both of us.”

 Whether it’s pointing someone to something spiritual, or taking the time to listen, I love hearing from people in the corporate world who are being intentional without being awkward and I hope you’ll be encouraged to interact vs. transact today!  

What’s your experience with workplace conversation been? What are ways you’ve seen people navigate this “table”?

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