Table Talk: Dinner Party

101“I wish I could’ve met Michael Jackson before he died.”

“My armpits itch so badly.”

“We are thinking of putting our daughter on the beauty pageant circuit, what do y’all think?”

Not your typical dinner party conversation, but absolutely riotous if you want to spice up a supper club with a game of “Plates.”

One evening when we lived in South Carolina, Joel and I hosted our Sunday School class for a potluck dinner party. They were the first “couple friends” we made as newlyweds and continue to be faithful supporters of our ministry and cherished friends. We wanted to create a fun atmosphere for conversation, but not be high maintenance, so after we blessed the meal and directed everyone toward the food, we mentioned that on the bottom of each plate was a phrase that they needed to try and naturally slip into conversation without someone calling them out on it being the phrase on their plate. Five points for slipping your phrase in without being called on the carpet and 1 point for each person you got “out”. The person with the most points would receive a gift card for a date with their spouse to the movies.

This crowd had a few jokesters in it and though Joel was worried it would be awkward, everyone had THE best time trying to work their random headliner news story or their, “Do you mind if I make myself a sandwich?” into our suppertime banter.

We laughed more around that dinner table than we had laughed in a long time. I highly recommend a game of “Plates” tonight at your dinner table! In fact, I think it’s time to break this one out here in Mississippi. And of course “HOW ‘BOUT THEM REBS?!?” Would need to be on at least one plate. Perhaps also, “Did you know if you take a selfie the words will be backwards, but too bad b/c Hurdle’s selfie limit is one per lifetime?” Or “My husband’s definition of awkward is so much more broad than mine.”


My challenge for you, is to organize a casual potluck dinner party and try out a game of “Plates” or another crowd-pleaser to get people chatting. And if all else fails, here’s some main-stream advice for surviving dinner parties when the conversation feels like coaxing a feral cat out of a drain. 

Do you have any lively, yet natural conversations starters for dinner parties? Do tell!


This post is a part of my 31 Days of Table Talk: Being Intentional Without Being Awkward Series. Click here to enjoy other articles!



5 thoughts on “Table Talk: Dinner Party”

  1. I love this idea but am the farthest thing from creative. Would you share your questions you put under the plates with me? I would love to try this out!

    Thanks girl!

  2. I love this idea for a ladies potluck! I’m going to put phrases in different languages on the bottom of plates so people have to work random foreign phrases into the conversation. Knowing some of the ladies in our group…this will turn out hilarious. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love this idea too! My kids would love this. We have a list of questions we pull out every now and then where we go around the table and answer a question, usually when we’ve had too many knock knock jokes that make me crazy! Also, I didn’t fill out your survey, but here’s my answers–I just started reading, from the 31 days series, so I couldn’t even answer that I’ve checked your blog weekly because it’s been less than a week! But I’m enjoying your blog very much and I think what you have to say is worthy!

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