Table Talk: Grand Finale

21, 961 words.

Who would think that writing about the same topic for 31 days could be so completely refreshing and energizing? Joel has walked by my computer multiple times this month and said, “Pippi Blogstalkings, this thing would be my personal hell, but I am so glad that you love it.”


I’m actually sad to see this challenge come to an end. It’s been really good for my soul and I’m so grateful for the valuable feedback you gave this month. You’ve been so generous with your thoughts and your time and I am truly appreciative. 

I am so grateful that I think I’ll give away some fabulous napkin ties. :) Congrats to….sweet Megan Carey!a Rafflecopter giveaway

And just in case you missed any of the action this month…

Day 1: Table Talk: Being Intentional Without Being Awkward 
Day 2: Table Talk: Pushing Past Awkward
Day 3: Table Talk: A Favorite Table
Day 4: Table Talk: Tummy Talk (Southern Supper)
Day 5: Table Talk: Thinking of You & A Writing Prompt
Day 6: Table Talk: Dinner Party
Day 7: Table Talk: The Techie Table
Day 8: Table Talk: 12 Barriers to Listening
Day 9: Table Talk: 10 Building Blocks to Listening
Day 10: Table Talk: The #1 Way to Avoid Offensive Small Talk
Day 11: Table Talk: Loving Your Neighbor
Day 12: Table Talk: 100 Conversation Starters
Day 13: Table Talk: Crowd Pleasers
Day 14: Table Talk: Gratitude 
Day 15: Table Talk: Share Your H.E.A.R.T.S
Day 16: Table Talk: People of Walmart
Day 17: Table Talk: Hospitality in the Home & On the Road
Day 18: Table Talk: Round-Up
Day 19: Table Talk: The Professional
Day 20: Table Talk: Tummy Talk (Asian Supper)
Day 21: Table Talk: The Conversation Jar
Day 22: Table Talk: Don’t Hesitate to Conversate
Day 23: Table Talk: The Encouragement Chair
Day 24: Table Talk: Navigating the Holidays Like a Ninja
Day 25: Table Talk: Speaking Up & Holding Back
Day 26: Table Talk: Sabbath Rest
Day 27: Table Talk: Corporate America
Day 28: Table Talk: State of the Union
Day 29: Table Talk: A Pep Talk With My Infertile Self
Day 30: Table Talk: With Adoptive Parents
Day 31: Table Talk: Grand Finale

Somehow I still have Table Talk interviews and ideas swirling around in my mind, so you may see some more where that came from in the future. Who knows. What’s one actionable step you’re walking away from this series ready to take? I know one of mine will be continuing the priority of showing up to THIS table regularly! 

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Ya’ll, let’s rock out the rest of 2014 together, shall we? I simply can not wait!

Pippi 1See you in November!!


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  1. Congratulations! You did it! Happy Halloween! One thing I’ll be doing is coming back to this series and re-reading your posts! Thanks so much for all you’ve said. Maybe a book is in the making….Have a wonderful weekend.

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