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Pray for the Betas at Auburn!

Joel and I recently received this message:

“Ben, Blake, and I lost a pledge brother on June 13. We were with him the night he died and it has really affected our fraternity. It has given us the opportunity to witness to some of the older guys in the fraternity and has given us some great openings to share the word. The day he died we all got together to pray at the beta house and I talked and got to use my training from greek summit. I had a bible I showed when I gave my testimony that was falling apart. I ended up giving it to one of the biggest partiers in our fraternity. I really think this will cause some change for the better. Please keep us and Brad’s family in your prayers. Thanks and God bless.”

God has really, really, really used similiar tragedies at USC to start revival. Pray for this at Auburn!