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Originally, our kitchen looked like this…

Then it looked like that…

Also there was this…

And now that…

We didn’t exactly think about how high the bar top should be when the stove island was re-purposed into an eating area…thus we ended up having a bar so high that we couldn’t ever find bar stools to fit! Oops.

Not to fear…Joel Hurdle and some wood are here.

After a year of looking at wood, I knew we needed a little change.

Thankfully, now are bar stools look like this…

And the kitchen looks like that!

Yay! I think all our DIYing is over for a while, now that students are here…I have one more project in mind…maybe it will be conquered over Fall Break? :)

Before & After: Laundry Room Edition

Remember that one time !!I WON!! my very first blog giveaway from my friend Anne?

This wasn’t rigged because I invited like everyone I knew to enter because I believe in Anne’s work THAT much… But my room was THAT bad. Thank you, Vanessa for making me feel a little bit better.

Anyway, I was so pumped that I won. I think I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.

So…here was the “Before Anne worked her magic” version of my laundry room. (And in my defense, never mind. It was really THAT bad.)

I mean…that’s just embarrassing.

And kudos to Anne who let her dear precious child be apart of the action. I mean the poor girl could have probably gotten tetanus from all that junk! She was adorable as she found “treasures” to play with. Her favorite was a frisbee Joel used as a paint holder and an electrical socket cover she used as a cell phone. Too cute.

Here’s the insanity once it all got moved to the kitchen. Which is the primary reason we ordered pizza for dinner when the boys got home from work!

8 trash bags later…here’s our clean canvas. Swept, mopped and Lysol-ed!

What was so funny was that all through our declutter/over-haul, Anne kept getting mystified about why we had so many random items. I had to keep reminding her that we run an entire campus ministry out of our laundry room!! :)

Although when she asked, “Is Joel like a cord collector?” I too was mystified. :)

So… here folks, is the AFTER!

I even got a laundry folding table out of the deal!!

All that’s “out” is our camping gear and 1 box of ministry stuff that I have vowed will be given away by May!

Praise the Lord for a whole new room in my house and THANK YOU, Anne!