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Summer Bible Study

We have had a wonderful time leading a Co-Ed Greek Bible Study every Tuesday night this summer! When we first envisioned it, we were thinking about 10-12 of our leaders who were in town would probably come and we could do some intentional discipleship and training with them…

(love this pic…can’t wait to hear if any of the girls, who are seen here making funny faces, actually read our blog!)

Little did we know that we would outgrow our living room then move to our back deck, head to a fraternity house the next week and finally land on a swanky condo that will seat all 40 students! What’s so cool about this condo is that the primary girl who is hostessing, JUST became a Christian LAST WEEK!! It’s yet ANOTHER one of God’s countless miracles here in Columbia.

I could go on and on about the students whose lives God is transforming. Do you want to hear about Brittany, who I just got off the phone with as her heart burns to take the Gospel around the world? Or Maxine, who is walking in total dependence on the Lord as she shares the Gospel with her family in Maryland this summer? How about Becca and Craig who’s lives have done 180’s since they started their freshmen year here at Carolina. They are now a godly couple who are winning people to Christ. Or what about Samantha, Morgan and Jill who just returned from a summer missions trip to Italy? Or Jimmy, Bill and Whit who are about to head to Mexico? Amy in Africa? Erin and Morgan who are in Haiti? I mean the list could go on and on. AND NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE SURRENDERED TO CHRIST WHEN THEY CAME TO COLLEGE!

Whew. I can get a little excited about changed lives. I’m okay now :)

Back to our Bible Study.

We are studying World Harvest Misison’s Gospel-Centered Life material and also challenging the students with principles from “Radical” by David Platt. (We highly recommend both for personal or corporate study!!)

When asked what they were learning from the material, one student said, “I’ve realized that the more I learn and grow in God the more I will always see my sin and my need for Him. And that’s a really good thing.” And our hostess shared that she has realized for the first time that Christ is worthy of her entire life. Now she has begun a relationship with God through Christ is giving her life to His glory!


And it’s summertime!?! God is never not working!

Pray for us as we balance support-raising, ministry, rest and time together. How can we pray for you?

Forever Grateful

Our staff team gathered together to evaluate our school year and to plan for next year and here are some of the amazing things we are praising God for:

  • Team unity
  • 3 students who have graduated and are serving 1 year as missionaries in Lebanon and France
  • Great church partnerships
  • 25 new believers!
  • The sister-in-law of our staff facing amputation because of cancer–now 100% clean bill of health
  • Bible studies in nearly every dorm
  • Bible studies in all but 2 sororities
  • 3 new frat studies
  • Greeks leaving Gospel-legacies in their houses.
  • A former outspoken lesbian now transformed and serving as one of our sharpest key leaders in our Impact ministry
  • Columbia College being a thriving ministry
  • 2 Bible studies at Midlands Tech
  • More men involved and leading
  • Valor Ministry launched reaching the military at USC
  • Safe travels to multiple life-changing conferences
  • New and creative ways to share the Gospel thought of by student leaders and new staff
  • Support provided for our staff
  • Over 50 students heading to do summer missions–16 being Greek–an area we weren’t even reaching this time 2 years ago!

There are so many more things going on in hearts and lives that we won’t even know this side of Heaven. Thank you to those of you who pray and financially support our ministry. It is a priceless investment. We are eternally grateful.