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We need a tranquilizer

Words and pictures can’t describe to you or capture for you the phenomenal scope of what God is doing in Greek Village at USC.

Seriously, even through a rainstorm, last night at Greek Impact we had a packed out fraternity house!  (The house mom made hundreds of chocolate chip cookies and was so excited to have something other than a frat party at her house.) We had TONS of guys, (the entire Sigma Nu pledge class came), which is an answer to many prayers. We had new girls. Our leaders rose to the challenge of welcoming people, bringing people and running the entire meeting!


Here was the flow of our past 18 hours:

All day we get stuff together for that night, meet with a few students, make photocopies, go to a meeting with the CCC country director of Lebanon! (amazing to hear what God’s doing in Lebanon!) Go to a “War of the Wings” a $5 all-you-can-eat hot wing eating competition hosted by Chi Omega as a fundraiser for “Make-a-Wish”. (The place was packed with over 500 Greek students.) We handed out fliers reminding people to come to Greek Impact. Go home, pack the car, help a girl practice her testimony for that night, etc. head over to the Sig Ep house.


8:00 pm-Leaders show up, boys are loading tons of chairs, sound equipment, etc. into trucks. We get everything set up.

8:30 pm-Pray with the student sharing her testimony

8:48 pm-Students start rolling in by the bunches (Greeks wouldn’t normally come alone to a function, of course)


9:00 pm-Our speaker arrives…we are pumped to have the USC Men’s Basketball Chaplain come to deliver God’s Word. We know he is a powerful speaker and anticipate great things.

9:10 pm-Emcees welcome everyone and show a funny video


9:15 pm-Sweet girl who surrendered her life to Christ 6 months ago shares her testimony (precious!)


9: 25 pm-Play a silly game “Fratty Family Feud” (Questions such as what is Lilly Pultizer? To which frat boys whisper to their teammates “it’s dresses and stuff”–That’s the G-rated version, of course)

9:35 pm-We welcome up Jack Easterby–self-proclaimed, “former frat boy who was lit up drunk every Thursday night, but now is lit up for Jesus.” And boy was he! (Probably the most relevant, appropriate and passionate man I have ever heard speak.)


10:05 pm-The entire room is moved with emotion as Jack breaks down John 3:16 in an incredible way and has us “talk to the King and enter into a time of prayer where each is faced with the question of whether we are a child of the King or not.”

10:10 pm-He has us link arms and sing “Jesus Loves Me” (that’s what he makes his guys do before each basketball game)–only this guy could have gotten this to happen in Greek Village where everyone is “too cool for school.”


10:15 pm-Joel closes the evening by challenging the students to talk with their chaplain or a Greek Impact leader about decisions made, etc. (He is a little misty–presh.)

10:20 pm-Announcements, close in prayer and Popsicles for everyone.

No one wanted to leave, everyone stayed around talking about Jack’s message and challenging each other. Our leaders were all excited to go through the response cards and choose people to follow-up with. (What an amazing feeling to know you actually have students who know how to share the Gospel with their friends!!)

11:00 pm-We get home and we realize it is going to take a tranquilizer to get either of us to sleep. We look through the response cards and are AMAZED at how many people want to know how to start a personal relationship with God (we gathered the cards prior to the speaker!) and how many want to know about summer missions and be considered for leadership.

11:30 pm-Get text messages from students asking for prayer as they try to talk to their friends about the message.


12:00 am-We pray and thank the Lord for His amazing hand of favor which is resting over our ministry. We talk about funny little details of Jack’s talk and of the meeting. We talk about the students amazing reactions and we try not to–just for a moment–think about all the work ahead of us as we follow-up with these students.

1:00 am-Crash.

Thank YOU for those of you who pray for our ministry and give financially. You will meet people in Heaven who are there thanks to you. xoxo

To Miami and Back!

Whew. We just got back from a very long, but very wonderful week taking 65 college students on a missions trip to Miami!

Joel and Danny (our intern) drove a caravan of 15 girls 11 hours south. Seven pottie breaks later, I think Joel is ready for a household of little girls. :)

On the way down we had a photo-scavenger hunt to complete which helped pass the time and get to know each other. Here are some shots from the way down:


These girls were troopers to chauffeur their friends down to Florida!


We packed our van (that one of the dad’s rented for us–THANK YOU!) full of freshmen cuties.


We couldn’t resist stopping for a fabulous photo op as well as fresh squeezed orange juice!




We arrived in Miami and got the students all settled in. Then we hosted a mixer out on the beach. Most of our Greek students didn’t really know our Crusade students, so we had make-your-own-sundaes and challenged them to meet 5 people they didn’t previously know. We then crashed into bed for a good night of rest.

The next morning Joel led the devotional time and taught the students how to spend time alone with God. We all studied 1 Peter during the week. That first day was a free beach day, then dinner groups around town and an orientation to the city.

Our theme for the week was “Christ’s Lordship.”

The first night’s focus was “His Lordship Over Creation & His Lordship Over the City”–Miami is a very dark place full of mystical spiritualism. There are a ton of crazy statistics, but Joel just reminded me not to steal the good stuff from our March prayer letter :) Basically, CCC ministry is trying to reach 400,000 students with Gospel. We were privileged to get to help for the week.


The next day, we broke our team up into 3 groups and went to Miami Dade College, Florida International College and University of Miami to share the Gospel with students. We used a tool called Soularium which is a spiritual interest survey using photographs. It is a perfect tool to use with post-modern students. We had over 150 Gospel conversations in only 2 days! To purchase your own Soularium click HERE


The next day was a beach day and that night we had a Staff Scavenger Hunt (where the staff hid all over the area surrounding our hotel–kind of like hide and go seek). It was hilarious.

We had an evening session, “Lord of Your Life”. We broke the group into Men’s and Women’s Times and really challenged the student with issues specific to their gender. Most of the students said this was their favorite night.

It was amazing to hear students say things like Lyla–“For so long I have been teetering on the edge of surrendering my life to Christ, tonight was amazing for me.”


The next day we broke our team up into 3 groups and sent one group to the Homeless Awareness Center where they served lunch, organized their clothing closet and served in other ways. Another to do Soularium at FIU again. And our group to Christ Fellowship Church in downtown Miami.

This church has an amazing partnership with CCC and we were privileged to help in the renovation of their building. There is an amazing story behind this church…it was an old Baptist church with 80 members and it was near closing until they merged with CF 2 years ago. They now have a vibrant congregation of 700, including a Spanish service and a ministry to over 200 homeless people. It was awesome.


Our group worked hard both on the day of outreach and the day of service and played hard on the two beach days.

The last night we had a cookout on the beach and then “Lord of Your Future” I gave the application of “How to Determine Your Calling”–which I will blog about some day. And I had many good conversations with girls afterward about surrendering their futures to God’s plan for them. We were up till 2 a.m. that night spending time with our students. The next morning we packed them all up and hit the road! Goodbye Miami!


It was an amazing trip and many lives were changed. It was incredible to see how every one of our prayers prayed previously for the trip were answered.

  • 65 Lives surrendered more fully to Christ
  • New believers on Miami area campuses
  • Men stepping up into leadership and committing to serving back at USC
  • Increased unity on our team
  • Students feeling embraced in an environment of grace and truth
  • Safety
  • Students spurred on toward love and good deeds
  • Students surrendered their futures to Christ
  • Laborers raised up to go into the Harvest

Praise God for a great week!! Thank you for those who prayed for us.