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A new brother in Christ

Last night at my sophomore girls Bible study we prayed specifically for the friends of these girls who don’t yet know the Lord. We asked the Lord to draw their hearts to Himself…and look what happened!!!

Subject: Answered Prayer

Hey everyone,

For those of you who weren’t at bible study last night we prayed for my friend who went to CRU and Midtown and ended up crying through the church service and told me after Joel’s talk that these things really spoke to him and it was obvious he needed to change something. So this morning I got a note from him saying that last night he accepted Christ!!! thanks so much for all of your prayers for Bobby!!!!!

Love you girls!


James 4:2

You want something but don’t get it…You do not have, because you do not ask God.

Meet Mandy!

12308-167“Hi, my name is Mandy and I wanted to share with you a little bit about my spiritual journey. I grew up in a very religious family. I was in Catholic school for 13 years and I never missed a Mass service.

My senior year in high school I was hit by a drunk driver and nearly died. The man who hit me was put into prison because he had multiple drunk driving charges against him. This completely turned my life upside down. You would think it would have made me run to God, but instead I ran to partying, boys and things of that nature. I lived this lifestyle 24-hours a day. I was the life of the party. I had everyone convince that I was so happy. I had MYSELF convinced that I was so happy.

I came to USC ready for a fresh start. Wanting my life to change, but not knowing how. I wanted new friends and a new begining. I randomly got matched up with a crazy Christian girl named Jaime who invited me to everything that Campus Crusade for Christ had to offer. Bible studies, CRU, Girls’ Nights, etc. I would always tell her, “It’s just NOT my thing!” She would persistently invite me.

One wintry night she invited me to go ice-skating with CRU and I thought since it had nothing to do with God that I might as well go with her. So I went. It was there that I saw people who were happy and goofy and having a blast. No social lubricants needed! I saw that they had true joy. I knew I needed whatever it was that they had.

It was because of a simple night of ice-skating that I began to go with Jaime to CRU and Kitty’s Bible study and it was there that  I was exposed to the possibility of have a true and vibrant relationship with God! The God who sent Jesus to live a life I could not live and live a death I should have died and rose again to conquer sin and death for me.

I want to say ‘thank you’ to whomever it was that planned that ice-skating party. It was there that my life began to be forever changed. And also, my best friend Jackie accepted Christ as a result of that night too!”

That was the testimony that Mandy gave last night at our ALM (All Leaders Meeting) for our Crusade, Greek Impact, Impact and Valor ministries. We cast vision for how doing little tasks in ministry can ultimately result in changed lives! We challenged them to continue sharing their faith with their friends and we trained them on leading Bible studies and discipling others. It was a really exciting night to have all our leaders together and I just wanted to share that encouraging testimony!

Praise God for Mandy and how God has changed her life. Praise God for His sovereign grace that uses anything to draw all men to Himself. Praise God.