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Is it a Man Thing or a Hurdle Thing?

Do all men, or just Hurdle men, feel the need, (at 10:45pm), the night before a 9-hr drive, to change the oil & rotate the tires (themselves), dig up and re-plant a hosta that was growing in the wrong place (at 11:30pm), organize his man-shed and tools (at 12:00am), put up new flood lights (at whatever time there was a burst of light, sparks and a yelp), find carpenter ants around the flood lights and decide to exterminate the entire house (at 12:36am), all while they are “sick”???

I guess when you add up the cost of a mechanic, landscaper, contractor, exterminator and electrician it makes you grateful!?! :)

We roll out of Columbia tomorrow at the crack of dawn to head to our Summer Project in Florida! We will be taking 15 USC students to join 35 other students for Greek Summit. Please keep us in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you!