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Staff Conference Highlights

Oh my goodness! CCC has uploaded some videos from our 60th Anniversary Staff Conference.

Please join me and get to watching!!

Just scroll down and you can view various videos. I totally recommend the…

  • 2 Francis Chan videos…this brought about deep repentance amidst the 5,000 attendees.
  • The David Platt talk…it’ll rock your world! 
  • A 5 minute excerpt from the 60th celebration (at 1 hour and 1 minute mark) where they interview the FIRST EVER convert of Campus Crusade–not to mention she was a sorority girl! Something about a sweet grey-haired woman who has walked with the Lord since 1952 makes me bawl..and want to be just like her. (And for anyone who is familiar with Mrs. Bright please note how she get’s rid of her escort from stage…hahaha.)

You can hear countless other seminars and talks from the staff conferences. They range from how to raise financial support, to helping “at risk leaders”, to same-sex attraction struggles. There is a small download fee. Just click HERE to see the listing.

I’d love to hear what you think of these 3 talks and short excerpt! Leave a comment! Have a happy Thursday!

Still “for Christ”

We will be sharing a lot more about Campus Crusade for Christ’s name change in our upcoming prayer letter (If you are a donor, you will get this! Would you like to be added to our mailing list? Just email me!), but with all the misunderstandings, I thought I’d encourage you with this news report:

Steve Sellers Shares the Gospel and talks about the name change. It’s a short video, but I think he nails it. (Here’s a longer version if you’re really interested.)

While Joel and I did not vote for this name, we do trust our organization (which is usually criticized for being too BOLD for Christ) to remain true to our mission and vision of reaching every individual on planet earth with the message of Christ!

One thing the media isn’t sharing is that this is just a name change for our US campus ministry.  Here are a few articles and a press release for donors from people who are actually out at our 5,000 member staff conference, seeing firsthand, the heart behind the name change.

Also, here’s a sweet 1-minute video interviewing Vonette Bright, the late Dr. Bright’s sweet wife, sharing her opinion on the name change. (I love her.)

You know the mission and vision of our personal ministry here on campus and it mirrors our global strategy. This weekend, we celebrated 60 years as a ministry! I look forward to 60 more. New name…same commitment to Christ