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Relationships: 101

Good grief!! We hosted the staff prayer meeting at our house this morning and everyone was sharing about people trusting Christ, Bible studies thriving, hard conversations happening, students confessing sin…etc.

Everywhere we turn amazing things are happening! Too many to even write down!

Joel just walked out the door to do follow-up with the KA that accepted Christ last week. I just walked in the door from an evangelistic appointment with Miss Teen South Carolina who is a sophomore here at USC. It turns out she is a precious Christian girl who is really desiring to grow! I am about to walk back out the door for an appointment with the president of Kappa Kappa Gamma and ask her to allow us to start a Bible study in her sorority house. (That would mean a Bible study in every sorority house at Carolina!! That would be a work straight from the hand of the Lord!)

But, the REAL reason I logged on to write was to share about last night’s Greek Impact!! The theme for last night was “Relationships:101” We asked 3 godly couples, (half of which were Greeks at Carolina), who are supporters of our ministry to come and be part of a panel discussion. The students submitted questions about dating, sex, and marriage and the couples were to share wisdom from their life experiences.

Well…at a little before 9 we were pulling out even more folding chairs so we could pack more than 150 people in to the room. We had hot chocolate flowing and music playing. The excitement level was through the roof. The students were so excited to talk about their favorite topics. :) Two of our student leaders, Chandler and Margaret opened the evening by welcoming the students, explaining Greek Impact and playing “The Newlywed Game” with all the couples. It was so funny to watch couples married from 3-26 years try to remember where their first kiss happened and what size shoe their spouse wore!

Joel and I transitioned into the content of the evening after each couple shared their testimony as a couple. We briefly shared our story and then launched in to the Q&A time. The students asked very insightful questions. Here were a few:

“What qualities did you look for in a potential girlfriend/boyfriend that set you up for a good marriage?”

“What turns Christian guys off about girls?”

“I think college-age is our sexual prime. Does that mean once we are married and are allowed to do it the desire will dry up?”

“What is the purpose for your marriage?”

Joel and I moderated the questions and then Joel summarized and encapsulated the main point of the evening which was the truth that relationships are challenging and without Christ in your life they are unbelievably challenging. He shared about each individuals need to come into a relationship with God and center life and relationships around the cross. It was so awesome to hear him sharing straight from his heart and the Word of God to these students that we have come to love so much.

Afterward, the students couldn’t stop talking about all they learned from the evening and I think even the panelists enjoyed being grilled! :) We got phone calls all the way up till 12:30 last night from students saying that they needed to hear what the couples shared.

God is moving mightily here in Columbia. He’s working at Columbia College, Midlands Tech, at USC in our mainstream ministry, in Valor-the military ministry, in IMPACT-the African American ministry, in the international ministry and in Greek Impact-the ministry to the fraternities and sororities. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Okay-heading to meet with a Delta Zeta new believer!! Woohoo!! Praise the Lord.