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Praising God for Men!

We have laboriously prayed for men to come to Christ here in Columbia and grow in their faith.

We are seeing God answer those prayers every where we turn! Guys are becoming believers and we have 4 Greek guys in leadership, tons of guys in leadership with our mainstream ministry and Impact ministry who are really working hard to get the Gospel to every man on campus!

Here’s the boy’s version of Lucy’s message…please understand that A FRAT BOY writing a note like this is the equivilant of 135 Lucy’s :)

What an answer to countless prayers!!

“Hey Joel,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your message at Greek Impact. Its amazing how God always tells me exactly what I need to hear.


Wow. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

I’ll upload some Greek Impact pics for tomorrow’s praise report!!!

Cross '09

Cross ’09 was CCC’s nation-wide challenge to all our students to take the Gospel across ethnic boundaries. And, boy did our students rise to the challenge!

They hosted a talent show that raised $560 for “Impact” our ministry focused on reaching the African American community. This will scholarship 4 kids for their yearly conference that has been life-changing for many!

The students did a day of homeless ministry and did initiative evangelism on campus.

This photo is of the training time (led by students!) just before they all went out to share the Gospel with students.

Here’s the group that came out that night! Praise the Lord!

I am about to write an article for a local magazine about all that God’s been doing here in Columbia…what blog posts have the most impact in your opinion?? Can you suggest any stories to share? Photos that were influential?

Thanks in advance for your help! xoxo