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Walking in Memphis!

After a quick stop back in Columbia to attend our community group Christmas Party (which included lots of Christmas Carol Charades–best game ever!) we loaded up our little Honda Civic (226,000 miles) and headed to Memphis!

We arrived just in time to see…the beginning of many killings…

We arrived in time to celebrate Jack’s b-day!

We arrived in time to warm up by the first of two new “fireplaces” (there is a real fireplace now in the living room too, but I was in this spot with Mrs. Anita the entire time we were in Memphis!)

Once we settled in, the girls decided to have our 2nd annual “Girl’s Day Out” trip to the nail salon. This year included Sweetie!

We had a lovely time together, just us girls!

While the girls were being girls…the boys were being BOYS!!

Joel killed a HUGE buck and OF COURSE I missed it! I had planned on getting up and going hunting with him, but he told me just to sleep in and I gladly obliged :) Unfortunately, I missed his huge kill. Resolved to be a sweet wife we went back out together that afternoon :)

Praise the Lord, we have free food for about 6 weeks!! :)

Nothing like some good ole’ Dale’s Sauce Bacon-Wrapped Venison!! Seriously, if you have any meat in your freezer immediately soak it in Dale’s sauce and wrap some bacon around it! It’s heavenly!

Speaking of yummies…there were a LOT of treats that were made while we were in Memphis…

This one was a pretzel…plus a melted Hershey Kiss with an M & M on top!

There were a LOT of treats that I taste-tested indulged in! Mrs. Anita, do you want to share this recipe?? It was sooo good!

I made PD’s Pecan Toffee Baked French Toast on Christmas Eve morning…It’s to die for! Kinda like bread pudding…

Always use a 9×13 pan for this recipe! Or you’ll nearly burn the house down…NOT that I found that out the hard way or anything…

Okay, this post gets us caught up to Christmas Eve…more from Memphis later…I mean it’s almost February!?!

Let’s talk about what’s going on NOW! What’s going on with you?

We’ve seen many bowing their knees in surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ…updates on all that to come!