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Taking over Ft. Collins

Well, all 8,000 of us are here now and this town is hopping! Signs like these are scattered all over town offering us discounts to nearly every restaurant! What a fun treat.Frontier Days 978

It’s funny to hear people saying, “Oh, you guys are with those Campers Crusading for Jesus!” Hopefully, we are leaving a sweet aroma around town :)

Today as I walked into Moby Gym, filled to the brim with missionaries I nearly burst into tears to hear everyone singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” and to see many nationalities of people serving all around America. I can’t even imagine all our missionaries around the world and how much they would have loved to have had this privilege. I imagine it was a bit like Heaven.


What a privilege to serve along side these precious people.

Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian Church spoke and refreshed us with Romans, focusing on “Free Justification”. I am really going to try to see if I can post the video a little later this evening. Totally worth sitting down and watching for 30 minutes!

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous view from the foothills of the Rockies. Joel and I are already feeling so refreshed in the Lord and it’s only Day 1 of the conference!


The Wild, Wild West

We had a day off in between classes and our staff conference starting…so we headed to the Wild, Wild West! For the past 113 years Cheyenne, Wyoming (45 minutes from Ft. Collins) has hosted “The Daddy of Them All Rodeo”. We hopped in the car and headed to Frontier Days.

Of course, since another notch on our “visit all the states belt” was added it required a photo.

Frontier Days 1067

We feasted on fair food then headed in to watch the action.

Frontier Days 1069

Frontier Days 1111

It was IMPRESSIVE to see these cowboys in real life.

Frontier Days 1070

Bull riding was amazing! 8 seconds is a long time I now see!

Then, my friend Morgan and I decided we needed to get some close-up shots. So, we headed over to the “local” section. We tried to act like we knew what we were doing (even though we were wearing shorts and tennis shoes and everyone else was in Wranglers, long-sleeved plaid shirts, cowboy hats and boots!) and we waltzed right up to the front row to take some pictures.

Frontier Days 1103

Check out how close we got!!

Frontier Days 1107

We got close up with the animals too!

Frontier Days 1099

This Indian was NOT an act. She was for real. Loved her outfit!

Frontier Days 1100

These were my FAVORITES at the rodeo…

Frontier Days 1092

Frontier Days 1082

Love him. No lie, this lady below doing the barrel races was 66-YEARS-OLD!!

Frontier Days 1113

It was a fun day in Wyoming. We headed home exhausted but very entertained.

Frontier Days 1120

What a nice day off!