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Praying for ministry in 2010!

We spent the last week working away planning and praying for ministry in 2010. I thought I’d let you peek at a few of the things that are getting us excited to head back this semester…praise God for students who are aligned to the vision of reaching their spheres of influence with the Gospel!

Here’s what we are hearing from a ministry we’ve helped coach over the phone at Virginia Tech:

“I just wanted to thank you for your help with our Greek Ministry. We now have two staff members helping us up. We had our first big event based off Greek Impact on Saturday and it went really well. We had around 50 greek students. It was amazing and the Lord definitely showed up. We are getting trained on leading Bible Studies in our houses and have a few news houses starting chapters this semester. Thanks so much for helping us cast a vision and for talkign to Jeff. Hope things are going well at USC. Please let me know if yall have any big things we can be praying for at VT.”–Whitney, ZTA (we met her at Greek Summit)

Here’s a sophomore who has seen 4 of her sorority sisters accept Christ this semester:

” Thanks so much for letting me join in the other morning, I loved meeting new girls who are also believers. I just had a prayer request for someone. I know you’ve been meeting with Lexy recently and I’m hoping we can reach her roommate Alice, who is also a senior. This semester I’ve suddenly become really close to her and after hearing you talk about Lexy I really feel she’s been put in my life for a reason. She doesn’t go to church but I know she would be willing and open. I don’t think she’s ever had the right support in her life from her parents or those around her. She just needs someone to encourage her in the right direction bc she wants to she just needs help. I love her so much. She’s so sweet and hysterical, and absolutely ridiculous… haha, but you can’t help but love her. I really want to work with her next semester and I know this one I slightly let my fear get in the way, so if you could please pray for her and the confidence for me to witness to her that would be so helpful! Maybe when we return you or Sarah could speak with her too…. anyways, thanks so much Kitty!”

Here’s a KKG who just trusted Christ writing to Sarah, our co-worker:

“Hey! For the past 4 days I have been at a campus outreach conference in DC with my brothers group from uncc and tonight after one of the talks I fully committed my self to God and January 1st I had my spiritual birthday. I am reborn again as a Christian and ready to start my life with God fully committed to him. I thought you, as our bible study leader would love to here the news and I hope you can help guide me as I start this journey. See you soon, Karla”


God is working all around us!

Meanwhile, it’s a little overwhelming to think about starting a new semester. Please pray for us (a.k.a. me–Joel always is cool as a cucumber) to have the strength, energy and patience to push through with perseverance to do what God has called us to do. It is so exciting, it’s just a little overwhelming if you think about it for too long! :)

How’s 2010 starting out for you?


Christmas and Encounter pics coming sooooon! xoxo