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Lots of Estrogen and a $6 Rooster

This may be long…don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)


Wednesday morning began bright and early as our students and staff hustled and bustled preparing for Girls’ Night Out with Marian Jordan at USC. Balloons were “forked”. Girls were stationed all over campus handing out fliers and my partner in crime from First Baptist, Janine and I grabbed a chicken biscuit and headed to Charlotte to go pick Barbie Marian & Lauren from the airport.


11:09am-pick up Marian and Lauren

11:30am-try to find a gluten-free restaurant in Charlotte

12pm-head to Columbia

1pm-emcee for the event calls to cancel. We rack our brains and decide that Georgia and Hannah will co-emcee and will do great. We call them and they are so excited. I ask Georgia (from Greek Summit) to share what Marian’s influence in her life has meant in her spiritual growth. She freaks out and says that for 2 days she can’t spend time with the Lord b/c she knows she needs to share her testimony of deliverance from and eating disorder and over-exercise disorder at Girls’ Night Out but she’s scared. CRAZY! God totally orchestrated this “random” opportunity.

2:45pm-swing by the venue to see balloons–just as we drive by a girl comes out of the dorm and stops to look at our advertisement! Success!! :)


3pm-spend time in prayer for the event

5pm-try to head to dinner, realize my car has no gas. Go to the gas station, fill up. Try to start car, no such luck. RIP my Mazda.

5:01pm-all high-heeled clad women get out of the car and push it to a parking spot. Buster, the gas station attendant hurries to our rescue

5:05pm-Joel was setting up the sound and stage at the event, but he comes to pick us up.

5:10pm-cram into the NON-AIR CONDITIONED Honda Civic–affectionately known as “The Hot Rod” with a TON of ministry stuff. (NOTE: it’s monsooning and we have to drive w/ the windows down–not good for the hair!!!)

5:30pm-get supper

7pm-arrive at the event unscathed

7:30pm-3 dozen vs. 300 cupcakes arrive, make do.

7:45pm-set up, run around, pray, pray, pray!

8:15pm-break the ice games with the crowd of 350 girls

GNO & Comm Grp 020

8:20pm-Georgia shares an amazing testimony

8:30pm-Marian brings the house down

9:15pm-$500 in donated gifts are raffled away and opportunities to connect w/ Christian community are offered.

9:30pm-53 girls respond that they want to start a relationship with Christ!

9:45pm-freshman AXO walks up to me and says, “I had planned to smoke weed w/ my roommate on Friday night, but now I see that’s definitely not what God would want me to do. Thanks for putting tonight together.” I try to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.

GNO & Comm Grp 062

10pm-book signing, pray with girls, clean up

11pm-leave the event, head to my house for leadership development and care/prayer time

2AM-girls leave after another revival-like time of sharing and praying.



9am-hop in the car, drive to Charlotte (thank you, Janine for keeping me awake!)

12pm-arrive back in Cola to change the sheets on the guest beds and get ready to welcome part of the Ole Miss crowd (a staff guy and his 3 frat guys)


12:30pm-go pick up the guys from a frat house here in Columbia–walk into the yard and see a live rooster tied up with a string outside the house…come to find out his name is “Little Jerry” and he was purchased for $6. I have never laughed so hard at such a bizarre thing. Walk into the house only to see that someone was sleeping on top of the pool table.


1pm-take down some Palmetto Pig BBQ (missed you, daddy!)


3pm-next set of guests arrive! Our friends from Oxford-David and Corrie!!


5pm-head to supper amidst game day traffic to celebrate Corrie’s b-day!


7pm-go to the football game


8:30pm-try to ignore the drunk/drugged student sitting in front of us making obscene gestures

8:35pm-student tries to fight Joel for not clapping at USC’s touchdownfireworks

8:36pm-go to Ole Miss section and have a much better time


11pm-try to console the Rebels on their loss


12am-cook Belgian waffles and try to get everyone to stop talking about their devastation


1AM blow up air mattresses all over the house for our guests–who were happy to not be sleeping on top of a pool table with a rooster running around.airmattress



10am-feed breakfast to a houseful– convince them to not talk about their devastation


12pm-grab lunch and put them all on the road



6am-like an idiot I had told some girls I would go yard-saling with them. I quickly realized if you are not a mother or with child the suburban yard sales in Columbia are pointless. Meanwhile, I can’t figure out why we don’t have electricity in half of our house…it was very dark!

9am-arrive home only to find a huge limb and an electric line down on top of my car…now I see why there was no electicricity.

9:05am-try to take pictures of Joel running around the yard in his “pajamas”. He did not think this was funny at all.

10am-get ready for “CRU Ladies’ Brunch at Cafe Strudel”

11am-have a wonderful time meeting freshman girls and hearing a senior girl share her testimony on brokenness.


3pm-watch football with church friends

7pm-baby shower for a church friend


9pm-meet Maya and Layla our friends new adopted girls from Ethiopia!!




10am-Greek Day at First Baptist

12pm-amazing luncheon after church

1-10pm- date-day with hubs and SABBATH REST! YAY!!!

Good news, no craziness planned for this week :) Not yet at least :)

God is Always Working

Blessed be the name of the Lord in the land that is plentiful, where your streams of abundance flow, blessed be your name. Blessed be your name on the road marked with suffering, though there’s pain in the offering blessed be the name.

He gives and takes away. My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose!” Romans 8:28

It’s so comforting to know that God is NEVER NOT at work in our midst. He is working things together for His glory, always!

Even when freshman stand you up for appointments (numerous times over!!) Even when student leaders choose to live life for themselves rather than the Lord. Even when tons of frat guys won’t return your phone calls. Even when you are so tired that you cannot be sweet to one more 18-year-old…God is still working!

He is always faithful. Even when it feels overwhelming. He has a plan for every one of these students.


And we will praise Him for the very visible ways we have seen Him working this week…

  • 55 girls came to the ADPi Bible study last night! (What?!? Yes!)
  • LOTS of survey tables happening in freshman dorms surfacing hundreds of spiritually open students
  • 350 people come to our first weekly CRU meeting and about 300 this week
  • 200 came to our “Welcome Back” cookout-totally staffed by volunteers from our church! ThisĀ  resulted in 135 new evangelistic contacts to follow-up.
  • 175 come to our Shag Outreach with First Baptist/CRU/Greek Impact
  • Our students began numerous Bible studies in the dorms
  • 11 students have accepted Christ w/our Impact leaders
  • 2 international girls have trusted Jesus
  • 75 new students to follow-up at Columbia College
  • 3 New Co-Ed freshman studies will (prayerfully) be starting in fraternity and sorority houses
  • The military ministry is flourishing
  • God is being glorified in many areas of our city!

There is, of course, more to be done in this city and we are believing God to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!