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DIY: Dining Room Chairs

Once upon a time there was a couple who ate off of an ironing board because they had yet to find an affordable dining room table.

One lucky day, they stumbled upon an amazing Craigslist find…an 8-person Queen Anne’s dining room table plus heating pad cover, plus glass top, plus 4 chairs for $100!

That couple drove as fast as they could to purchase this wonderful deal. The seller decided that $65 was as much as she would take for the dining room set. Without asking any questions, we–er “the couple” handed her money before she could change her mind.

That amazing bargain came with some souvenirs of toddler-stained seat cushions that 4 years later, we have finally decided to recover!



This part was easy…but little did I realize this was NOT a one-woman-while-hubs-is-at-Bible-study-project! Thank goodness for my Monday night crafting buddy, Janine!

She was the wind beneath my wings.

Ends up, recovering chairs is not for the faint at heart!

My arms got tired, so Janine to the rescue, as always. (All suggestions welcome with what to do with my favorite giant gold mirror that I canNOT part with or find a place to hang…)

And After:

Ta-Da! I highly recommend Craigslist, fabric that’s on sale and a little DIY on a rainy Monday night.


Originally, our kitchen looked like this…

Then it looked like that…

Also there was this…

And now that…

We didn’t exactly think about how high the bar top should be when the stove island was re-purposed into an eating area…thus we ended up having a bar so high that we couldn’t ever find bar stools to fit! Oops.

Not to fear…Joel Hurdle and some wood are here.

After a year of looking at wood, I knew we needed a little change.

Thankfully, now are bar stools look like this…

And the kitchen looks like that!

Yay! I think all our DIYing is over for a while, now that students are here…I have one more project in mind…maybe it will be conquered over Fall Break? :)