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Party like it's 2009

Don’t we all have certain little indulgences in life?

For me it is party-planning. Here are some fun shots from our “National Championship Party” last week.



From tiny little floral/split pea soup arrangements to strawberry and marshmallow/cream puff trees…


Toothpicks+items of your choice+Styrofoam cones=fabulous little trees



Add in some very fun friends…


Plus a ton of food and an SEC victory=FUN!



I never envisioned our guest room being turned into an “overflow football watching room”.



It was such a blessing from the Lord to have such fun friends over for our first party of 2009!

On a lighter note…

I wanted to share w/ ya’ll some of the things we like to do when we aren’t on campus…there aren’t too many hours left in the day… but two things we like to do are cook and entertain!

We love to entertain!

This was our Easter Lunch that we hosted for friends and students.

We love to entertain!

Here’s the giant turkey we cooked for 30 Greek students that came for Thanksgiving! People say, “don’t use a new recipe when company comes over….” but, we don’t have any old ones!

We love to entertain!

This is our Newlywed Sunday School class for our “Tacky Christmas Sweater Party”

Domestic Diva-wannabe!We love to cook!

I am a Domestic Diva-wannabe. So, this week I tried to cook themed dinners. Here is our “Night in New Orleans” with cajun mahi-mahi, red beans and rice plus veggies. We had “Double Decker Tacos” for our Mexican night and then some yummy Asian fare.

Learning to cook...

It has been really fun learning to cook together and entertaining new friends!