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Yes, I am thirty some odd days away from the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of 30 things I wanted to “accomplish” before I turned 30. Joel laughed at my list and said that basically I wanted to be perfect by 30 and that I needed to lower my standards. Nonetheless, I have been going after my list with gusto :)

One item on my list was to take a sewing class! I headed over to Creative Sewing with my dear friend Janine and took the “Basic A-line Dress Class”. Janine and I really enjoyed the class and we shared lots of laughter. (we also shared envious thoughts toward their $3,500 sewing machines that they had me use for the night!)

And then there was that awkward moment when I thought we were making a near 30-year-old size dress, while in actuality, we were going to make a precious little bitsy dress…

So cute, huh?!? So, I’ve crossed Take a Sewing Class off of my list…just don’t ask me for anything larger than a 2-T!

DIY: Dining Room Chairs

Once upon a time there was a couple who ate off of an ironing board because they had yet to find an affordable dining room table.

One lucky day, they stumbled upon an amazing Craigslist find…an 8-person Queen Anne’s dining room table plus heating pad cover, plus glass top, plus 4 chairs for $100!

That couple drove as fast as they could to purchase this wonderful deal. The seller decided that $65 was as much as she would take for the dining room set. Without asking any questions, we–er “the couple” handed her money before she could change her mind.

That amazing bargain came with some souvenirs of toddler-stained seat cushions that 4 years later, we have finally decided to recover!



This part was easy…but little did I realize this was NOT a one-woman-while-hubs-is-at-Bible-study-project! Thank goodness for my Monday night crafting buddy, Janine!

She was the wind beneath my wings.

Ends up, recovering chairs is not for the faint at heart!

My arms got tired, so Janine to the rescue, as always. (All suggestions welcome with what to do with my favorite giant gold mirror that I canNOT part with or find a place to hang…)

And After:

Ta-Da! I highly recommend Craigslist, fabric that’s on sale and a little DIY on a rainy Monday night.