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Stories from Encounter…

In the next few days I hope to have the chance to tell you a few AMAZING stories from Encounter…meanwhile Encounter Winter Conference is on the news…and in the local paper…and on the news again! :)

Check out what the media has to say about our awesome week in Greensboro this year:

Channel 2 News Story: Click here!

Channel 14 News Story: Click here!

News-Record Newspaper Story: Click here!

And don’t forget…you can still watch *ALL* of the week’s events on video at the ‘Parents Blog’, including the New Year’s Eve session where we start with worship, pray for several minutes as the New Year is kicking over, have our own countdown, watch the final conference video, and go wild & crazy with some New Year’s worship!

These college students know how to start the New Year right!
Happy New Year to you from the Joel & Me…and all of our students!