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Party like it's 2009

Don’t we all have certain little indulgences in life?

For me it is party-planning. Here are some fun shots from our “National Championship Party” last week.



From tiny little floral/split pea soup arrangements to strawberry and marshmallow/cream puff trees…


Toothpicks+items of your choice+Styrofoam cones=fabulous little trees



Add in some very fun friends…


Plus a ton of food and an SEC victory=FUN!



I never envisioned our guest room being turned into an “overflow football watching room”.



It was such a blessing from the Lord to have such fun friends over for our first party of 2009!

What comes before Part-B?

Part-ay!!! If you know me, you know that’s my favorite joke. If you know Joel you know it’s his least favorite. Nonetheless, we love to host and entertain friends, family and students and recently we’ve had quite the opportunity!

Here is a fun photos from last night’s “2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving-Party”. These are the girls from my sophomore Bible study. It has been neat to see many of their lives be completely transformed by Christ. Many have followed the Lord in baptism and are involved with their local churches. I can’t wait to see the Lord use them over the next 2.5 years at USC and in the workforce and home.

Pray for these girls to walk in faith, love and purity. They have amazing potential to be used by the Lord, yet face huge opposition from teachers, friends, and even parents. Pray for these cuties!

Here is a glimpse of another recent party…you know, the kind that your husband plans and somehow we forget about until about 30 minutes beforehand??!!?? Yeah, you know the kind.

We had fun hosting a viewing party for our formerly favorite TV show “The Office”. (NO more Office viewing parties…this year the show is pretty sketchy.) We had so many students at the house that we had to unskrew the windows and have outdoor seating on the front porch! :)

Sidenote about who this precious student is: This is Tyler, (who is famously hilarious), he and his girlfriend, Lindsay, have great aspirations to be missionaries overseas in a few years. Joel and I work closely with them. Please pray for their walks with Jesus and their relationship.

We would love to host YOU anytime you are in Columbia! Hope you have a happy Monday!