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Fratty Fall Retreat

Currently my house looks like this:

But I am totally okay with it, because that means we’ve been living life to the fullest! (Or at least to the messiest!) Joel and I just returned from taking 60 Greek students on our “Fratty Fall Retreat” in Knoxville, TN. What an awesome weekend.

The leaves were absolutely stunning and the students were so friendly, (many were new students wanting to get involved) grateful and encouraging! (We came home to a precious frat guy sitting in his truck writing us a thank-you note for the weekend…presh.)

The Retreat began with the 4-ish hour drive to Pigeon Forge, where we were to stay for the weekend. Mexican food, clearly a must.

I crashed pretty shortly after we got all the students settled in their lodges, Joel however was quite the social butterfly, staying in the hot tub with students till after 2 am.

We cooked a big breakfast early Saturday morning (think 13 dozen eggs and more pancakes and bacon than you can begin to imagine!)

Next, Joel gave a great devotional about the “Rich, Young Ruler” and the barriers that he faced to surrendering his life to Christ.

One of our student leaders who Joel disciples had a very similar testimony to the rich, young ruler. He was courageous enough to share his faith journey with our group.

He’s awesome. I love the passion here…

Students really seemed to respond well to this talk and testimony and were vulnerable and transparent during their small group times which was awesome!

Next up, we headed to Knoxville for tailgating and the game!

We got to tailgate with First Baptist of Columbia, which was such a fun treat.

Corn hole, football, food and freezing weather…doesn’t get frattier than that!

We got awesome first row 45 yard line tickets (for free!!) and had the BEST view.

Okay, so regardless of our amazing seats, it was fuh-reeezing. I may or may not have taken Joel’s jacket, cocooned down and taken a little nap during the game. It was still really fun :)

It was an amazing weekend of seeing students experience Christ and express Him to their sphere of influence…and have a blast in the process. Thank you for praying for our ministry. God is doing amazing things and it would not be possible without the faithful prayer and financial partnership of our supporters!

There has been so much going on in both our ministry and our personal lives. I look forward to sharing more in the coming days!!

Dust Yourself Off & Try Again

Even though we’ve had a few more lemons to add to the lemonade–primarily Joel having ripped a tendon in his hand and being scheduled to¬† have surgery next Thursday–God is still on the throne (a favorite Beth & Dave Calvert quote) and we are still moving forward.

Here’s the DL on what’s been going on around here…

Despite having our condos robbed, we had a great trip to the beach with 24 adults and 13 children from our church! (Sorry for my lack of photos–my beloved camera was stolen.) But here are a few of my friends reviews :)

My favorite moment’s of the weekend were our “topical conversations”. We thoroughly discussed everything from raw foods to skin care, date nights to mentoring. Praise the Lord for friends with whom you can have REAL conversations!

Another highlight in life was our “Greek Impact Fall Retreat” to the Auburn vs. USC football game. It was aaaawwweeesome!

We took 40 students and stayed at an amazing lodge in Loachapoka, Alabama, that the Lord provided for us. The CCC staff at Auburn were incredible as they organized a BBQ for us, came and spoke to our students, and provided us with a place to watch the game!

Joel and I scored some free tickets and saw several of our staff friends at their tailgates. (Too bad we were obnoxiously dressed in Gamecock attire and was hobnobbing in the Tiger/War Eagle zone! OOPS!)

Our students had a phenomenal time and so did we. Here are a few silly highlights.

Camping out. (Don’t worry–girls were inside, boys were outside!)

Sleeping out under the stars.

Hanging around the lodge.

Teaching time.

Getting ready for the game! (This ain’t no jeans & t-shirt wearing school, you’ll be sure to note!)

And remembering that life is NOT football. Sorry Cocks.

It was by far one of the most fun retreats I’ve been on. We are praying that God would continue to grow the seeds that were planted during the weekend!

So, that’s a little of what we’ve been up to…what about you? We’d love to hear how we can specifically pray for you. We will be designating some time on Friday to praying for our supporters. Just let us know! Thanks to those of you who have shared with us recently.

Thanks for reading!