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Sick Day Giveaway

I woke up with the most horrendous sore throat. Boo. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than a sore throat. It makes you feel *puny* (word borrowed from E & BLC)¬† but not dead enough to just sleep all day…

Joel is banning me from my phone and from¬† typing because he says I’ll never get better if I don’t “give the brain and the body a rest…” But I am bored-out-of-my-gourd because he canceled our cable yesterday!

So, a quick blog post and back to bed with me.

I happened upon THIS precious adoption blog and immediately drooled over her fantastic CRAFTY PROJECTS. I am praying for the speedy homecoming of her little ones.

In the meantime, Britt has graciously offered to do a giveaway from her ETSY SITE!

I am in love with…

I’d be all about that one for my kitchen.

And then my heart melted when I saw this print designed upon referral confirmation for Gus & Lula!

Which would you choose? Pick your fave and have a chance to win it! Perhaps just load up on Valentine’s Day gifts at her shop and support their adoption fund!

Here’s how to enter:

Comment on your fave print=One Entry!

Follow or mention that you do follow my blog or Britt’s blog=Two Entries!

Post this giveaway on Facebook and comment to let me know=Five Entries!

A winner will be chosen as soon as I feel better and have “the doctor’s permission” to type again!

I’m off to bed for good now! :)

Name That Fried Food

Did I mention the South Carolina State Fair was in town?!?

We took a staff lunch break and headed to the fair for “food”. And when I say “food”…I don’t even know if it can be classified as anything with any sort of nutritional value. For example…

Krispy Kreme Burger anyone?? VOMIT!!

On a yummier note, in honor of the fair, we are going to play “Name That Fried Food Item”.

This was actually a tasty delicacy. Leave us a comment guessing what you think this is a fried version of!

The winner will receive a fantabulous surprise. (It’s a surprise b/c I am still waiting to hear who wants to sponsor a giveaway :) ) But it will be awesome, no doubt.