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Freebie Friday!

We interrupt your normally scheduled Memphis visit review to announce…

Get a free Chick-fil-a combo if you go dress up like a cow (very easy–clearly–it was Joel’s idea)! He and our friend the Davis‘ have convinced me we are headed back again for dinner…

Free Movie, Popcorn and Drinks at Finlay Park tonight!

Around 1,000 people come to spend time in the park, with their friends and families, watching a movie!

Here’s precious Maya, one of our friends Danielle and Estebon’s adopted daughters from Ethiopia, serving popcorn. This about made me cry.

You should come! You never know who you might run into…

This is my friend, Danielle, who I met in 6th grade at church camp in WEST VIRGINIA!! So much fun! Are they not the cutest family?

Anyway, enjoy the FREE-dom of today!


Free Book Download

Christian Audio is offering a free download of Forgotten God during the month of June. Just enter the promo code JUN2010!

If you have an iPhone you can download their audio books right to your phone using their Christian Audio iPhone Application!

It’s a wonderful book about the Holy Spirit. Hope you enjoy.

(Thanks SouthernSavers!)