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Treasures, Treasures, Everywhere!

On our way to work Thursday morning I spied a very antique-looking piece of junk on the side of the road. Of course, the Hurdles were running late for work, therefore, no time to rescue. Joel rolled his eyes at me and told me it looked like a piece of junk and not to worry about it.

My friend Merideth and I were driving back and forth from work later that afternoon and I could resist the urge no longer. I made a sharp right turn and pulled my car over behind a big landscaping truck. Merideth, unaware of the adventure to ensue, laughed knowing that we must be about to rescue something from the side of the road.

We hopped out of the car to find a VERY water-damaged little desk/vanity. The landscapers told us there had been a fire in the house and the sprinkler system had ruined the desk. I didn’t care. It seemed to have good bones, so Mer and I tried to fit it into the back of Joel’s Honda Civic. There was NO way it was going to fit and the landscapers at this point have stopped there work and are laughing at us. They offer to help, they try to fit it in the car, but to no avail. After mentions of our husbands and flashes of our rings Merideth and I graciously accept their kind offer to deliver it to my house! (JOEL NOT HAPPY that I gave our address to random strangers…but they weren’t creepers!)

When I got home from work later that evening I was pleased to find…


Joel couldn’t believe I wanted to salvage this piece…but, if you know my husband, you know that HE quickly became the one with the vision for turning this piece of trash into a treasure.

I took care of the demolition…


And Joel rebuilt…


Unfortunately his rebuilding mostly took place INDOORS b/c of the rain…but he was determined to complete the project! I won’t complain.


So, after the new sides were installed we got to painting!


We painted and distressed using “Golden Yellow” and “Pure Gold”.


We kept the original hardware–which I am in love with!


And did a little “staging”–clearly we’ve been watching too much HGTV! But don’t worry, it was just for the picture. We didn’t keep the $10 mirror on the front porch.


And TA-DA! There you have it! A fun new/old treasure.

Does anyone¬† have any¬† idea how old this little vanity/desk is? The only clue we have about the age is that it’s old enough to have wooden wheels! We are curious to know… :)

A blessing for those who've lost a job

Free Weekend to Remember conference

(for families with job loss)


If your family has experienced a recent job loss, there is a little bit of good news: you can get in free to a Weekend to Remember Conference! Joel and I attended this exact conference back in December and were beyond blessed. We would highly recommend attending!

Faithful Provisions has more details here on who qualifies and where the conferences are held.