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Change of Scenery: Finale

Okay, yes, I got a little camera-happy when we left town…but I mean…I have been blacked out for most of the summer. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to capture every minute of life!!

We stopped by Starkville on our journey home.

Look who we found?

We grabbed lunch with Joel’s brother and sister and I got a great tour of campus.

Next stop? Tuscaloosa, Alabama!!

We got to see our sweet friends, the Karls, who lost their home in the tornado. See her sweet post about our visit. Love her.

It was crazy to see how much devastation there still is.

But, praise the Lord that our friends are alive and that God has provided them with a new home!

We brought our work clothes because we wanted to help them get settled in. Joel & Justin were hard at work doing manly chores…

So fratty.

While Alana & I were doing womanly chores…

Clearly, huge progress was made!! Praise the Lord for our sweet friends! We are praying for their ministry at the University of Alabama this year! We know God will work mightily amidst the devastation.

Change of Scenery: Part 2

Amidst Memphis rush hour traffic, my bonus mom and I “Dukes of Hazarded” off the road when we saw this…


Of course, she knows me…and she excitedly yelled, “Get out! Get out! Grab your camera and get out!”

It was such a stunning site to see in the middle of crazy traffic!

We tried to get some new Facebook profile pics, of course!

It was a really fun pit stop.

Hope you have a sunny day, today!