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Change of Scenery

After being in Cola-town for the entire summer following Greek Summit, Joel and I needed to GET OUT a little. We packed our car and headed west.

Our first destination was Memphis/Mt. Pleasant, Mississippi where Joel’s family lives. We visited with lots of family and supporters, which was awesome!
We were also there in time to see Joel’s little sister, Holly, run in her FIRST race!

We got her registered, she stretched and then hesitantly found her place in the pack…


These people were so intense.

I guess I was  kinda intense too…I definitely broke out my 6th grade until college cheerleading skills. I think I embarrassed my mother-in-love a little bit. :)

Clearly, Holly appreciated it as she ran her FASTEST MILE EVER! Four more miles to go!

She was kicking butt and taking names, until the last stretch when this chump started messing with her… haha! I love the tenacity in her face. She was such a fighter!!!

Her goal was to run the race in under an hour…And boy did she ever! Way to go, Holly!!

Little did we know that…

She would take home SECOND PLACE in her age division!?! Amazing. Go Holl-le-lue!

These guys were the real deal. Holly received a plaque and a handshake from the first man on US soil to run a 4-minute mile and a 3-time Olympic gold medalist!! We were ecstatic for her.

The next day we had a great time visiting our supporters and friends at Kirby Woods Baptist Church and had a yummy lunch with family and Annie, a wonderful USC student who was interning at an inner-city juvenile detention center.

On Monday, we had worked on support, ran errands, had lunch with Sugar and Sweetie at Chickfila (tradition!) and then headed to Oxford to see some of our dear friends there!

We had a delicious dinner at Beaurae’s and had live entertainment too!

Look at those sweet cheeks!!

On Tuesday, I was blessed with the chance to join Mrs. Anita’s Sunday School class as they went to minister to the women at the Moriah House-a safe haven and rehabilitation home for women.

Normally the women rotate who cooks all three meals per day. But we got to make them a wonderful dinner.

I got to share all God has been doing in my life during the after-dinner devotional time.

And then we got to pampering!

The women could have a pedicure, manicure and facial treatment!

What a privilege to pamper the feet of women who had been mistreated by so many. I was in awe of what a blessing they were to US.

I can’t wait to go back at Christmas time and visit with our new friends again!

The Hurdle boys decided that by Wednesday, it was time to take a fishing trip to the White River, in Arkansas. Which means me and my “bonus mom” got to have a few days of R&R to ourselves…AMAZING!!

One little adventure we had was going to see Mrs. Ann at her “junk store”.

Mrs. Ann & Mr. Charlie are like the Storage Wars show on TV! They are the real deal.

Of course, if you’re a Hurdle, you’re going to get a really good deal…because according to Mrs. Ann & Mr. Charlie, “Hurdles don’t pay for their junk around here.” I walked away with a few wonderful finds.

Love you, Mrs. Ann!!! Thank you for my “door prizes” :)

What a fun few days in Memphis/Mississippi! I will post the rest of our road trip tomorrow!

4,500 freshmen are moving in today! Gotta get back to work!!


Christmas 2010

This is probably about 7 posts crammed into 1. Just a fair warning :)

This Christmas was full of…great time with my family!

Kemble enjoyed the vacation hours of a full-time teacher, Daddy had the whole week off, and we all had such a blast together!

Each year Daddy gives us a $20 shopping spree to the mall. Kemble and I realized we hadn’t cashed in on ours in quite some time…so we added them all up and had quite a fun shopping trip :)

While we went shopping, Joel and Momma slaved away in the garage working on “projects”. It’s always something with those two!

Joel worked us all over on Settlers of Catan. Heiko gave Joel a run for his money, as did my dad with his longest road. Mom didn’t seem to love this game as much as we all did and Elizabeth detested when her hubbie took her cards :)

Any other Settlers players out there?

Kemble took me out on a date for my birthday to THE most amazing Asian restaurant…Taste of Asia! Thanks, Sass!

If you live in Huntington, you’ve gotta check this place out!

Christmas was also full of meaningful times with our church family.

The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is always a highlight for our church. It is such a special time to celebrate our Savior!

After the Christmas Eve Service, we drove over to Stanford Park to look at the beautiful lights.

This was the most over-the-top house by far! It even played music 24/7.

Kemble, Jeff and Mrs. Linda, Kemble’s Mother-in-Law, joined us for Christmas Day. We had a lovely brunch and enjoyed time together laughing, getting to know each other and opening gifts.

Kemble loved her headband and her Ugandan beads!

We cherish and love these handmade stockings made by my grandmother for each of our family members!

And my dad will cherish the shadow box that my mom made for my dad to add photos to as a tribute to the wonderful life of his mom!

Christmas was also full of hilarious times with my family…

A certain younger sister of mine may or may not have knocked over the entire Christmas tree trying to reach a gift.

We all were dying laughing as mom and Joel tried to salvage the tree and far-flung ornaments.

Speaking of gifts…don’t worry. My mom got a gun for Christmas!

Which we immediately made her go practice in the front yard! HA! Only in WV. (Or Mississippi) :)

We had sent her on a scavenger hunt to find her gun. The clues were all on various sizes of circles which created a target. She didn’t do too badly on her first shot!

Daddy was such a trooper to spend some time each day clearing the walkway and driveway.

But he did leave the icicles for ambiance-sake.

This Christmas we kept a slower pace as we visited Huntington and I am so grateful for lots of memories made with my family. I am also forever grateful that my family is so intentional to celebrate Jesus and all that He means to our world. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21