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Giveaway! Giveaway!

Radical or Comfortable?

Earlier this summer, Joel and I were blown away when we heard about a church in Birmingham signing up to foster every orphan in their entire city.

The pastor of the Church at Brook Hills recounted going to a local foster care office in Birmingham and asking them how many families they would need to care for all the children. They laughed. Platt asked again. They said 150 families. Platt went back to the Church at Brook Hills and preached on orphan care from James 1 (v. 27 in particular). As a result, 160 families signed up to serve as foster care families. As they began to start serving as foster care families, Platt was meeting again with the local foster care officials. One of the women there pulled him aside and asked him what he had told those people that caused them to come and serve through foster care. Platt told her that he did not tell them anything that caused them to come. He said they came because the God who loves people told them to come and reflect His love to people around them. To reflect His love for children to the children around them. (source)

When we heard this we knew we wanted to pick up the book that he wrote. We have been very inspired and challenged in nearly every area of our lives as we’ve been reading “Radical”.

The concepts of this book have given both our students and  us a swift kick in our Christian pants. And now we want to give YOU the opportunity to get a glimpse of the beauty of Christ who is worthy of our entire lives.

3 Ways to Win:

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Winners will be chosen on Friday!!

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I won!


I have officially won my first “Freebie Giveaway” online!

Bri at ModMemento did a giveaway for Domino magazine…and I was randomly (www.random.com) selected as the winner!

Today, I will actually get to GO VISIT BRI for some fun hang-out time with her and AF! She is such a creative, hard-working designer and their family is ultra-precious.

Until next time, have a fabulous week-before-Christmas! Don’t get your tinsle in a tangle. Jesus is the reason for the season.