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It's a crazy life, but it's our life.

The title of this blog post is a quote from my all-time favorite show, “Jon and Kate+8”. Granted, we don’t have sextuplets or twins, but at times I feel like our life is somewhat comparable to the circus happening in the Gosselin’s household. Okay, not really. But, I’ll admit that I sometimes watch their show to make myself feel better!

Here’s a glimpse on the Hurdle’s past week:

This weekend I was in Texas to serve on the board of Redeemed Girls Ministries. Marian spoke to a group of high school girls and shared with them about the love of Christ.



It was great to see the Lord work on the hearts of these girls. Meanwhile, Marian’s friends were running around Houston buying decorations for her new house and the sweet, sweet owner of “Stuck on the Word” was adhering Scripture to the walls of her office and library just in time for the board meeting!





Here’s the “before decorating” shot…


And here’s the “after shot” thanks to Anita and Angel!



It was so fun to meet some new friends! But, the weekend was more than just decorating and having fun with new friends. After much preparation and prayer at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning the board meeting began. I can’t explain how undeserving I felt to be a part of such synergy. It was amazing to see the Body of Christ working together to further the Kingdom. It was so encouraging to see the Lord use my submersion in college culture and experience in support-raising to help maximize the capacity of RGM. I was amazed to see the Lord at work in our midst.

Sunday, I got to have the wonderful opportunity of visiting Second Baptist Church. It was awesome to hear such a great sermon. After church, we hustled to get me to the airport and back to Columbia…It was such a refreshing weekend for me. I needed it and I didn’t even know it.

As soon as I touched down in Columbia, we were “off to the races” getting ministry details taken care of for a busy week. Any week that we have Greek Impact is always a little psycho.

texas-237Joel and I both led Bible studies on Monday and hosted all our student leaders for a planning and prayer meeting. Tuesday we had appointments with students, were in staff meetings, Joel went to his men’s study, I had a sophomore girl come over for dinner, then we headed back to campus to shoot a hilarious video which will be posted soon, etc.


Wednesday Joel prepped to speak that night and I helped get Allie, a freshman Alpha Chi, ready to share her testimony that night. After much preparation the first Greek Impact meeting of 2009 took place at the Sigma Chi house…and it was AMAZING!!


We had a TON of people there, about 140-150. We had the most frat guys in attendance that we’ve ever had! That’s a HUGE answer to prayer. There was so much excitement and energy in the room. It was awesome.


Even though this might just look like a random photo with a room full of kids, to us it is a miracle! What used to be a 6 person Bible study has begun to become a transformational community in the Greek system! PTL!


Sweet, sweet Stacy and Thomas are two of our seniors who are leaving such an amazing legacy of faith on campus. Today I met with Stacy and she is now helping to train some of our new emerging leaders!


These girls did a phenomenal job of sharing what God is doing in their lives. We were so proud of them!


And, of course, as always, here is our stud speaker! He did such a great job sharing with students how they can have purpose for their lives!

The rest of the week we have had our weekly CRU meeting, appointments and Joel has been working on getting details together for our student’s Spring Break trip to Miami!

So, there’s a peek on a crazy week. We are never so grateful for the weekend!!! :)

Back at it!

Can’t wait to post some photos from the weekend in TX…but in the meantime…

15 students JUST left our house (it is 12 a.m. on the nose) and we are so excited at what God is doing in our midst. These 15 students are the leaders of our Greek Ministry. We are privileged to have these guys and girls on board taking the Gospel to their friends.

Tonight, Lilly was sweet to share that there were “so many stories of good Gospel conversations between her and her friends.” Daniel and Warren shared their desire to see the spiritual legacy maintained as they look toward graduation. We also had really encouraging prayer time with the students in preparation for our Greek Impact meeting this Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. at the Sigma Chi house! (Is this “student housing” crazy or what?!?)


Please pray for every student who will come in and out of this house to encounter Christ and be changed by Him!