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And We Are Back…With a Winner!

Wow! Strep throat knocked me out and then I messed up my neck–thus no computer-time for me! Sorry for the delay on the giveaway!

Congrats to Britt for getting a court date, bringing her one step closer to bringing Gus & Lula home for good and congrats to the winner of her fantastic print.

Without any further adieu, the winner is…

Ashley will be receiving my FAVORITE print!

In other news, I’ve been taking it a bit slower because of feeling rough, but here are some of the highlights from the past 2 weeks of life…

  • Greek Impact-we had a really great turnout for “Throw Down for Your Hometown.” (Students were to dress up representing where they come from originally. It was really cute.) Hank Marshman, a former Pike president at Auburn, and now a staff guy at UT, spoke about God “breaking through” in your life and how you can know God personally. He did a very unique time of response and 25 students responded saying they placed their faith in Christ! We desperately need prayer for the follow-up of these precious folks!

  • New believers-not only have we seen student respond to the Gospel in a group context, but also, individually, Joel and I have been meeting with many students who have just begun to really move forward by grace through faith in Christ. My favorite quote from this past week was, “I have been reading devotional books, trying to pray and trying to be positive, I really want to have confidence that I know God, but how can I know for sure if I’m ‘doing it’ right?”  I was able to share with her that we don’t have to try to “do it right” because it’s been done perfectly for us!
  • The dag-gum bathroom-on the home-front there has been a halt in the progress of our bathroom…but we are no longer showering at friends or using the Publix restroom. SO I AM A HAPPY GIRL. We are waiting for the cabinetry and sink, some finishing touches and we will be finished with our LAST project on this house. Which of course makes me happy, but makes Joel want to move!

  • Lots of crafting-feeling like junk combined with the impending celebration of Valentine’s Day (one of my faves!) I have been on a crafting spree. The staff girls hosted a craft night (upon request) for my birthday…I made sugar scrubs and stationary. Then, last night we had another craft night with some students too! I’ll be doing another fun giveaway next week thanks to last night’s crafting spree!

  • 2 Corinthians 12:9-and lastly, but def not leastly! I have REALLY been feeling my need for the Lord recently. His Word has been my daily bread and His presence my provision. I have fallen in love with the NIV/Message/Amplified rendition of 2 Corinthians 12:9…

Hope you have a grace-filled, Christ-strengthened weekend! xoxo

Can You Imagine…

Can you imagine being a sophomore in college and standing up in front of 250 of your closest friends/peers to share the following…

“God is moving. Last night at chapter (KD) I read part of  “Sex and the City: Uncovered” Chapter 5 which talks about sexual sin. I was very nervous to read this because I was straight up calling girls out, but the Holy Spirit called me too so i did. After talking about how that sin causes emptiness and loneliness I asked the girls what Jesus’s response would be to the sexual sin in our lives. We read the story in John of a woman who was an adulterous and pulled out into the temple courtyard by the religious leaders. By law they must stone her but they ask Jesus what they should do to try to put Him in a corner. He then says whomever has no sin, let him throw the first stone….its a BEAUTIFUL story of forgiveness.

Y’all girls were crying in the middle of chapter. Im so excited to see God working in my sisters and throughout the Greek villages. Glory to Him for saving us and allowing us to participate in His ministry of reconciliation!!

Please pray specifically for the girls that responded to His truth. Pray they will not only read Marian Jordan’s book but will see the Gospel and their need for Jesus because of it. I love her book, but many of the girls think they are reading a self-help book. We all know self can’t help self. So basically just pray each of these girls will come to know our Savior.”

Praise God for students who will take the risk to present grace and truth to their sisters. Please pray for our leaders to continue being bold and loving!

Praise God for one who surrendered her life last week and the many more who are counting the cost of following Christ.