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A buhggillion girls!

Tonight, I got to speak at the Orientation Meeting for more than 1500 girls going through sorority recruitment. It was so crazy to see THAT many girls crammed into one place.

I shared with them about the spiritual aspect of life and how being involved in Greek IMPACT (our Greek ministry) can help them come to know God and grow in a relationship with Him! I care so much about those girls, even though I don’t even yet know them! Please pray with me for all the men and women at USC and specifically the 3,000+ going through RUSH. Pray that their lives would be transformed by Christ the King.

Thank you to the Ladies Bible Studies at River Cities Community Church and Shandon Baptist Church who donated time, money and energy to purchase goodie bags filled with candy and my business card. Pray that girls will connect with us as a result of this little memento. :)