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Thinking of Summer Amidst the Snow

Joel and I are here in Dallas, TX, (AND IT’S SNOWING–which is really rare!) at the Campus Crusade  training conference for Summer Project Directors. We have the exciting opportunity of helping to lead Greek Summit this year!

This will be our 3rd summer at Greek Summit and we are anticipating another transformational summer for students and staff. We have seen a little over 30 Carolina students come on the Christian leadership conference and be forever changed.

From Greek Summit we will again travel out to Colorado for more seminary classes and we look forward to that time of enrichment. We haven’t figured out where we will live or our class schedule, but it will be such a good time of learning and growing. (Maybe by this summer our bathroom will be back in tact??)

If you wouldn’t mind, please start praying for us as we recruit staff and students to come with us to be trained and equipped to then go back and share Christ with thousands of future leaders of our world.

Pray not just for us, but for the hundreds of other projects that are getting kicked off this weekend. Over 3,000 students have already applied for 2011 summer projects, which is a record high!

Do you know any college students who’d like to take a step of faith this summer? Let us know! xoxo

Students All Over The World!

We have over 50 students, from Columbia, who have taken the step of faith to go and do summer missions trips. They are everywhere from Lebanon to Senegal, from San Diego to Gatlinburg.

Here’s a peek at what God is doing in some of their hearts while overseas!

Dear Kitty,

I love you and miss you and prob am going to be a missionary here for a year because  I’m obsessed with project again (so prayers for that please).  I’m loving god and learning a lot and sharing my life spiritually and not tempted by boys and loving it!!!!!! Pass the word on and i can’t wait to hang out with you afterwards and tell you all about Jesus and how I’m walking up and talking to people aabout Jesus!! Who knew?

Or hear how God is using students who went on Greek Summit!

Hey ya’ll!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the exciting things God has been doing in my life already-only after a few days of being home!

So I was on my way home to SC from Georgia this afternoon and I was driving back with just my little sister, Lauren, and her best friend, Lily. Well we were jamming out to my awesome Greek Summit CD & Lauren fell asleep so Lily and I started talking. She said she really liked the songs & how they made her feel good (so cute) so I told her I’d make her a CD. Then she said “It seems like you’ve really gotten a lot closer to God since you’ve been at college. You seem different and Lauren said you’re a lot happier”

SO then I was like YES!!! & told her my testimony & told her how I always was trying to fill myself with worldy things & how God has filled my emptiness & she totally got it! She said she feels that way and really wants to be closer with God but doesn’t know how. & She said her parents are Christians but don’t live it out & she wants to go to church more. So long story short we talked some more and ended up praying together in the car for God to change her heart to love Him so she can have a relationship with Him!!! It was seriously the best experience ever, I was so awestruck I felt like it wasn’t real life, God is so incredible! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home! So we decided to go get her a journal and a Bible this week & she said she would like for us to meet maybe once a week so I can disciple her & I told her my family would take her to church whenever she wanted. I also gave her the 4 laws book before she left. I’m so pumped to see God work in her!! PRAISE!

Another awesome aspect of this is that I have my foot in the door to talk to my sister Lauren now. Lauren was asleep during this whole convo, but Lily told me that before our convo she had been texting Lauren about God. & apparently Lauren said she felt far away from God and wanted to be closer too. My family has had a really hard time with my sister lately, she hardly ever talks to us. We’ve been trying to break through to her for a while, but she just shuts down whenever we talk to her. But she told Lily that she really wants to be closer with my family but doesn’t know how and has been kind of depressed lately. So now that I know this we can help her!! & now I know that she really is interested in a relationship with God! Please pray for my sister, that she would be happy again and know that she is loved deeply by God & by her family & that God would restore our relationships with her! I would appreciate your prayers so much, I’m so excited to see what God is going to do in my family & with Lily this summer!!

Ya’ll are awesome and I miss you!!

Praise God for these 2 reports. They are only a smidgen of what God is doing all around the globe. Pray for the Gospel to go out with power!