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It’s All Greek To Me!

We are now on Day 3 of Greek Summit and I, (Kitty),  had to sneak away for a little time of introversion. Meanwhile, my husband is TOTALLY in HIS element with people everywhere all the time. We look at each other about once a week in bewilderment these days and wonder when it was that we switched personalities. :)

I thought I’d fill you in on a typical day here at Greek Summit so you’d get a glimpse of how to pray and how to praise God for the great things He’s already doing!

9:30-We begin the morning with a bit of praise and worship. Joel serves as our emcee for the day. We have an hour of teaching on “heart issues” helping students connect to our theme of “So Satisfied in Christ That…” (that they find joy in Christ, turn from the world, tell others, etc.)

10:30-Then we have an hour of quiet time, allowing the students to process and apply the truths they’ve been taught.

11:30-We come back together to have training workshops which so far have included “How to Spend Time with God” & “How to Share Your Testimony” Side note–I’d share with you the notes from these workshops because I facilitated them…BUT 15 seconds before I was to give my first talk, my computer screen went all blue and read “Hard Drive Dump in Process” I had a short hot-flash and then was again so happy for my Hurdle Man who came to the rescue (seeing as he’s our tech guy for the summer) since he had my notes on his phone!

12:30-Lunch break and time out on the beach. During the afternoons we have discipleship appointments with the students helping them to grow and process all they are learning. There are some killer games of beach volleyball and lots of girls cashed out in the sun.

5:00-Our evening activities range from Bible studies to Men’s & Women’s Times, Socials, Family Group Dinners and Nights of Reflection. We will have a Marian Jordan visiting us and speaking with the women this weekend while them men do a “Men’s Day at Sea”. Then next weekend we will do a big outreach.

Even last night as we had a Progressive Dinner with specific questions for each group of students, it was amazing to get to know them and hear that MANY of these students have become Christians in just the last year (3 shown above). It’s beautiful to see what God is doing in their hearts. Please pray for them! Please pray for us to have enough energy to keep up with THEM!

Pray for the Betas at Auburn!

Joel and I recently received this message:

“Ben, Blake, and I lost a pledge brother on June 13. We were with him the night he died and it has really affected our fraternity. It has given us the opportunity to witness to some of the older guys in the fraternity and has given us some great openings to share the word. The day he died we all got together to pray at the beta house and I talked and got to use my training from greek summit. I had a bible I showed when I gave my testimony that was falling apart. I ended up giving it to one of the biggest partiers in our fraternity. I really think this will cause some change for the better. Please keep us and Brad’s family in your prayers. Thanks and God bless.”

God has really, really, really used similiar tragedies at USC to start revival. Pray for this at Auburn!