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Children Who Trust

I can remember receiving the paperwork written up about our kids.

We sat in a board room and listened to a social worker describe Pigtails first, and then Cowlick. Of course, it wasn’t until we got home that any of her words actually sunk into my soul.

That manila envelope felt like the weightiest documentation I’d ever opened. I remember fidgeting and pacing from the orange love seat in front of our bay window, to the front stoop and finally sitting to tearfully flip through the pages. I couldn’t help but wonder if WE would be the best match for THEM. I remember seeing their needs and thinking that maybe the pace and perpetual transitions that we call our “life in ministry”, would only create more anxiety and issues for these two.

But, now when I think about the trajectory of their little lives and God’s intervention… I can’t help but rejoice and attempt to capture the glory of watching them thoroughly enjoy the adventure of following Jesus as a “staff kid.” Especially here on our first summer project as a family. The place God has transformed so many lives.

I never would have imagined…


They’d be loved by hundreds of college students.

They’d see the Holy Spirit change lives.

They’d be surrounded by other missionary families who love Jesus and want to make Him famous. 

They’d have multiple exposures to the Gospel. 

They’d throw their heads back and laugh uncontrollably.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

And if I am honest, I feel the same way about my life as a child, adopted into God’s family.

The degree to which I’ve become bonded and attached to God the Father, He’s given me faith to enjoy the exchange of my comfort zones for true life and freedom.

Would you say that has been true for you?

Trust issues, sure, I’ve got them, but I never would have imagined…

He’d stretch me to live authentically and vulnerably within the context of messy community vs. stay safe in isolation.

He’d slowly peel back my white knuckles from the tight grasp I have on cherished default sins like comparison and perfectionism vs. remain pridefully depressed in my sin of judgement.

He’d force me (daily) to own up to my selfishness and enjoy the righteousness of Christ vs. layering on the good deeds. 

He’d enable me to boldly tell people about Jesus vs. nervously become nauseous.

He’d allow me to walk through the problem of pain and learn to long for Heaven vs. becoming to cozy here on earth. 

He’d faithfully push me to lay down my anxieties and control-freak-tendencies and exchange them for the joy of resting in His sovereign goodness through prayer.

He’d make my words look more and more fleetingly insignificant in comparison to His eternal Words.

And on. And on. We could all go as He completes the good works He’s doing in our lives…

I don’t know how you figure out this whole “wake up every day and learn to trust our Father” thing, but I know that He tells me that He’s perfect and that He will keep me from falling and will present me perfect in Christ. (Jude 24) So I am counting on Him to continue teaching me (AND YOU) to buckle up and hold on for the wild adventure of following Him and loving them…Because our God is the God who can take us all from the skiddish orphans who bawled when they saw the suitcases coming out, (for fear of getting moved to a new home), and transform us into to dearly beloved children who rejoice.

Celebrate, Celebrate, Ce-le-brate!

I wish I could share the a hilarious video I have of Pigtails doing a celebration dance over finding a rainbow in our living room the other day…because today WE are having a celebratory dance party over the news of…FREE

Pigtails & Cowlick becoming LEGALLY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God for how HE writes the most beautiful stories. Can’t wait to jump through a few more paperwork hoops to get a court date and be finalized!