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Jamming in Memphis

Well, we always say we are going to Memphis when we leave to see Joel’s family, but really he lives in north Mississippi, an outlying part of Memphis.

Anywho. When Mr. Jack came in one morning with a gallon of blackberries we were so excited. I randomly said, let’s make jam! And, Mrs. Anita, being the homeschooling mom that she is Googled the recipe, put me in the car, got all the supplies and we got to jammin’!

We used THIS recipe. I think we’d boil it about 30 minutes instead of 10. But otherwise, it was an awesome recipe! So simple!

Steralize the jars by washing in hot water in the dishwasher.

Rinse and crush the berries (if we had the tools we would’ve de-seeded them, but luckily, Sweetie says she likes it with the seeds!)

Add the sugar. Add the Pectin.

Pour into jars. Boil the jars for 30 minutes. Let them sit for 12 hours untouched.

ENJOY and SHARE with friends and family!